Thursday, December 15, 2016

The transcendental reality

Dogs can hear sounds we can't hear and perceive scents we can't perceive. Butterflies and bees can see colours we can't see.

Our eminent scientists have constructed powerful instruments that enhance our senses enormously. However, the main part of the reality is still unknown to us. We call that unknown part of the reality the transcendental reality.

The transcendental reality is of course a mystery to us, and because we do not know anything about it we have to resort to fantasies. We create amazing fantasies about multiple universes, vibrating strings, a reality with no colors, no sounds and no scents; or realms were gods, angels and spiritual beings reside.

Many people are deeply convinced that they know what is going on in the transcendental world. But there is no consensus. In fact, different groups are seriously at loggerheads with each other because of their different beliefs, and followers of different religions or different religious groups can even start killing each other in order to to prove their point. Sometimes, they declare war to fight lies and heresies.

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