Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maybe all the different scientific and philosophical ways of looking at life, as well as all the different religious ways, are just different fantasies, mental constructions, castles in the air.
You are born somewhere and you will die somewhere and in your life you just wander about, like a hen or a rooster. When you die your body will disappear in a furnace, your thoughts will disappear, your feelings, your fantasies, your ego, everything.

Pim van Lommels near death studies are interesting, but still, he is studying near death experiences, not death itself.

When I observe “my” thoughts and you observe yours, the I that is observing is a neutral, non individual onlooker. Your I and my I and all the I’s in the world is really one and the same. What makes us different is our thoughts, my story and your story, my body and your body.

In Hinduism this non individual I and the great universal I is of the same substance and it is eternal. In Buddhism this I, the observer, is just a thought among all the other thoughts. As long as there are humans on this planet the I will survive. But if we blow this planet to pieces also the I will disappear. The "I am" is dependent of brain matter. So no part of “you” is reincarnating? Your thoughts, your story, your ego, nothing is reincarnating, but the non individual observer will look at the world through other eyes. The theories of reincarnation is like the theories of heaven and hell, it is meant for the uneducated masses.
The only thing that is real, is this moment. This is it. You stare at these words. There will be no future reincarnations, no heaven or hell, no nothing, This is it.

What makes humans different from the animals is the mind, the stories, the philosophies, the speculations, the fantasies, the mythologies, the misunderstandings, the jokes… It seems to me that many “spiritual” people try to get rid of all that "mind stuff". Why is that? Isn’t it that what makes us human?