Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Jump off the bandwagon

It's immoral to send Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. It's also immoral to send back refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria. There are millions of people in the Middle East, Asia and Africa who are escaping religious terror.

Religions create terrible misery in the world. And it's not just Muslim extremists who are on the war path. Jewish fanatics fight for their Greater Israel and  the evangelical christians in the US voted for Trump. They want more and better nuclear weapons because they want to be well prepared for the final battle.

The Muslim terrorists are often social misfits. But behind them are religious teachers and imams who have influenced their worldview. And behind the fanatic imams are powerful religious leaders in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For decades they have spread their extrem form of islam across the world through religious schools and mosques. We can not criticize them. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are important trading partners and, moreover, religious beliefs are not something to be criticized.

But it is not just religious ideas that create problems in the world. Political ideas and ideologies can also make us mad. Both politics and religion can make us completely crazy.

We ought be many more, who clearly rejected solid beliefs. We ought to be many more who stopped following political and religious leaders. We ought to be many more who jumped off the bandwagon.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


You are holding on to your worldview, 
like a two year old to a security blanket. 

Don’t be ashamed of your attachment. 
Have a tolerant approach.

Abrupt removal of the blanket is likely to backfire
and make the transition process take much longer. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017


It's difficult for Jews and Palestinians to get along.
The same goes for sunni muslims and shia muslims,
right-wingers and left-wingers, born again christians and atheists,
religious fundamentalists and pluralists, bigots and liberals,
spiritualists and materialists, rich and poor, extroverts and introverts, 
educated and uneducated...

Our identities divide us.

But, what is an identity, really? What is it made of?
Ideas? Thoughts? Vivid imagination?

Identities seem so extremely solid and unshakable even though they're not.
Left-wingers can change and become right-wingers,
religious people can become atheists and an atheists can become religious

Nothing is written in stone.