Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I wish had nicer beliefs

I do not believe that any part of me will live on after death.
This is it. There will not be another show.

I do not believe that there is a future for humankind.
Homo sapiens will die out,
like millions and millions of other species have died out before us
in the biological evolution.

Our time on this earth has been about madness.
We are a mad ape species.
I do not believe that we will change.
I do not believe in spiritual awakening.
A few people here and there may experience a radical change,
they may give up drinking or stop smoking,
they may think that they are born again,
they may feel that they have woken up,
but the majority will not change.
The majority don't care a bit about global warming and pollution.
The majority wants cheap gasoline.
The majority will always follow orders.
The majority will always go to war and commit horrible war crimes
if the superiors tell them to do so.
The inferiors will always believe what their superiors tell them to believe.
(A superior man is also asleep, hypnotized by his beliefs 
If he wakes up he will not be superior to anyone else.
This goes of course also for inferior men. Inferior men are also hypnotized.)

I don't mind if you have found a private belief system
that gives you consolation and reassurance. No problem.
As long as your beliefs don't create to much trouble for me or for other people
you can believe whatever you want.
I don't mind if you believe in angels, ghosts, spirits or Santa Claus.

The organized religions, however, are often extremely harmful.
Followers of religions or different interpretations of the same religion
always seem to go to war to fight each other in horrible wars.
They do not just sing songs or bow down in a certain direction.
Today Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims are fighting each other in Syria and Iraq.
In the seventeenth century Protestants and Catholics were fighting.
Maybe it is our mad ape nature that is the cause of these idiotic wars,
not the religions. Maybe the religions are just excuses. I don't know.
Anyhow, the result will be the same.