Friday, March 3, 2017

The future

There is one future scenario that is overlooked by social scientists and political philosophers: that humanity will perish.

Sooner or later will some power crazy wacko "press the button". If we don't drown in our own waste first. We struggle frantically to destroy this planet.

All previous civilizations have disappeared and I believe that this global civilization will be the last. Humanity will disappear. All species are dying out in the evolution. Some other lifeform will take over, flies, perhaps, or cockroaches. They have high resistance to radioactive radiation.

This is indeed a dark view of the future but it's not an unlikely view, not at all.

Can you see any light from anywhere? Yes, small groups of people are protesting here and there but they have no political power. Those who have the power are not interested in solving social or environmental problems. They don't want to end the wars. They thrive from war and arms sales.

But they give beautiful speeches and the masses admire them.There is no hope for humankind. The only way to cope is to seek refuge in La La Land.