Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who am I?

I believe that I am this body, this mind, all my stories, ideas and conditionings.

Some people believe that the true self is to be found somewhere else. They believe that what they really are is formless nothingness.

Some people believe that they are God; others believe that they are Napoleon.


Do you agree with that people can become obsessed with all sorts of weird ideas? Do you agree with that those ideas can create disasters?

The Germans became obsessed with Nazism and Social Darwinism during the thirties and forties. The rulers of today are obsessed with an ideology called Neo liberalism. They believe that greed is good.

Religious fanatics can become obsessed with incredible weird ideas, Muslim suicide bombers, Christian fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, Hindu fanatics; there are so many crackpots out there.

Do you agree with that superstition is as widespread today as it was five hundred years ago?

Do you agree with that ideas can make any average man or woman crazy? Do you agree with that the horrors in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia were caused by crazy ideas?

Do you agree with that it is quite possible that also you are obsessed with a crazy idea, though you’re not aware of it yet?