Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Every human being has a philosophy of life but many people are not aware of this fact. Most people have never examined which values, ethical ideas and metaphysical assumptions they live by. We don’t know what we think and how we look at life, really. This is dangerous because unconscious thoughts, ideas and beliefs strongly influence our decisions and actions.

What do you think?

Do you think that you understand what life is about?

Do you think that human beings are selfish by nature? Do you believe that the law of the jungle still applies and that friendliness and helpfulness is just a cloak to make us look good? Do you think we all are like car salesmen or politicians?

Do you believe that all people are wolfs in sheep’s clothing?

Alternatively, do you believe that people are sheep really, but in wolf’s clothing?

Do you believe that human beings are sometimes sheepish and sometimes wolfish, by nature?

Do you believe that human beings are a cross between sheep and wolfs?

Do you think that equal rights and justice are important issues?

Do you believe that poor people suffer because they are lazy?

If you happened to win a thousand dollars on a lottery ticket, would you spend the money on yourself or would you send them to hungry children in India?

Do you believe that objective truths exist, or do you believe that truth is always relative?

Do you believe that an action is good if it feels good?

Do you believe that we have a free will, that we can make decisions?

Do you think that all ideas, including your ideas, should to be questioned?

Do you believe in an objective reality outside your own mind?

Do you believe that science is an important tool, or do you believe that intuition is more secure road to the truth?

Do you think that evidence is quite unimportant?

Do you believe that extraterrestrial beings are sometimes visiting earth? If you believe that extraterrestrials are sometimes visiting earth, what makes you think so? Have you met them? Have you seen convincing film clips on You Tube?

Many people have met angels, many have met ghosts and many have seen UFOs. Can they be nuts, all of them? What do you think? Can they be right?

If you don’t believe that extraterrestrial beings are sometimes visiting earth, what makes you embrace this idea?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe in heaven and hell? Why? Why not?

If you believe that a human being has only one life and if there is no heaven, how would you justify that so many people have to suffer so much because you and other rich people don‘t want to share enough of their riches?

Do you think that religion and spirituality simply are fantasies we need in order to stay sane in this world of grotesque injustice, inequality and madness?

Do you think that it is possible to live a life of selfishness, delusion, greed and evil without any repercussions whatsoever?

Do you think that the karma theory or the ideas of a judgment day are fantasies?

Do you agree with that your explanations may be total misunderstandings because you are aware of the fact that all people make mistakes and misunderstand things?

Do you believe that there are no mistakes? Do you believe that everything is in perfect order?

Are you aware of the fact that your answers to the questions here are not necessarily yours? Where did you find them, in books or on the internet? Did you learn them from someone you admire?

Are you aware of the fact that your ideas are not your ideas?