Friday, July 10, 2009


Words are just words. If you point at an apple tree and say, “That is an apple tree.”, it is something I can easily comprehend. However, it is much more difficult to understand what you mean if you say, “God is inside of you.” or “When you drop your ego you will experience oneness.

What do you mean with God? What do you mean with ego? What do you mean with oneness?

What do you mean with Christ consciousness? What do you mean with awakening?

To describe all these abstract nouns you need a lot of definitions and clarifications because all people give different meanings to such words. With all these definitions and clarifications, you will get lost in the world of abstractions and ideas. You will get lost in the mind made world.

Aren't all religions, philosophies and ideologies maps over imagined territories?

"Words are just pointers." OK, but what are you pointing at?

I’m sitting here at the computer. We have terrible weather here now. It is raining cats and dogs. And soon I’ll be off to work. And you are staring at the computer screen, right now, thinking something to yourself.

Your thoughts are popping up automatically, aren't they? My thoughts and your thoughts and all thoughts in the world just thoughts popping up without our consent. Your ideas, my ideas and all the ideas in the world are nothing but thoughts and ideas. But what do thoughts and ideas consist of, really? Electricity? Transmitter substances? Hot air?

What is the reality like if we don't try to explain it with words? It is not that fantastic. Or maybe, it is, in a way.

I have to rush now.