Friday, February 24, 2012


I have a big nose.
I have a sore toe.
I have an idea.
I am hungry.
I feel offended.
I don’t like Nazis.
I love you.

What is this I made of?
Is it made out of electrochemical brain activity?
Is it a chimera?
Is it a ghost in the machine?
Is it a horseman?
Is it a coachman?
Is this the soul?

What makes you think that this I live on after death?

I had some mean thoughts this morning.
I have a complaining and vengeful ego.
Do I have an ego as if I had a dog?
Something is wrong with this kind of thinking.

Spiritual awakening, as I see it, has nothing to do with the I.
You can ask yourself, who am I really, till you‘re blue in the face,
but you will never get a clear-cut answer.

Spiritual awakening, as I see it, is like waking up from a hypnosis
and to be free from posthypnotic suggestions.

All hypnotists know that they can only hypnotize those
who are willing to be hypnotized.
All hypnotists know that their suggestions will only work
as long as their human guinea pigs believe what they hear.

It is possible to wake up from hypnosis.
You don’t have to act on your posthypnotic suggestions.
It is possible to break a smoking habit.
It is possible to leave a religious cult.
It is possible to drop all political and religious belief systems.

You don’t have to assume anyone’s role.

You’re free now.

Which side are you on?

If life had been a movie about Robin Hood,
which side would you have been on,
Robin Hood‘s side, or the Sheriff of Nottingham‘s?