Friday, January 31, 2014


Even if you were to experience a spiritual awakening,
you would still be forced to live your life in the everyday life dimension.
You would still need food and shelter, for yourself and for your family.
You would still have to deal with all the annoyances of everyday life.
A spiritual awakening would not solve your problems.

Con fusion

Some believe that they are superior, others that they are inferior.
Some are optimists, others are more skeptical.
Some are fully convinced about things they have not a clue about.
Maybe we all live in different fantasy worlds,
with different ideas about the world and what life is about.
Is there a God or a bunch of gods that guide our steps?
Is there an afterlife?
Will we reincarnate?
Maybe there are no Gods.
Maybe there is no afterlife.
Maybe there are multitudes of other universes out there somewhere?
Maybe we have a free will, maybe we don't.
Maybe there are no rules we have to follow,
maybe there are.
What is the world like, really?