Monday, February 10, 2014


Many insects can see ultraviolet light,
but this is not something you can do.
Dogs can hear sounds that you can't hear.
They can also perceive scents that don't exist for you.

In addition, the brain filters away large parts of what you can see and hear,
in order to not get overwhelmed.
This happens automatically, without your conscious influence.
What you perceive, is just a tiny fragment of the reality.

But not only that,
in order to make the reality that you can perceive less terrifying,
you also try to make it smaller and more manageable.
You create a small world that you protect behind high walls.
These walls consist of prejudices, preconceptions
imaginations and simplified explanations.
After a few decades in there
you can not even peek through the embrasures.
because they have also been bricked in.

Unfortunately, if you begin to feel trapped and desperately need some fresh air,
then there are no longer any doors or windows that you can open.

Only a major life crisis can now come to your rescue.
Positive thinking, mindfulness meditation and psychotherapy
will not be of any help for you.
Your whole world must crumble.