Monday, January 6, 2014

Surrender to madness

You are constantly bombarded with nonsense, silliness and crap.
Wonderful housewives with wonderful detergents;
how to become skinny, how to become gorgeous and how to get rich.
Endless idiocy, in the subway ads, in newspapers, in radio,
in your iPhone, in the computer games, on television ...
Wherever you turn your attention, you will discover something idiotic.
You can't hide; you can't escape.
You can't even hear your own thoughts.
You have lost your soul, long, long ago.

If you, for some strange reason, would get access to your true self,
then you would have no use for it.
A stupid ego is much more useful here in this world.

Bell jars

You're living in a fantasy world.
We're all living in fantasy worlds.
We're all living in bubbles.

You live in your world and I live in mine.
What is the world like, really?
How are we to live?
What do you think?

Some go to Church, others go to mosques.
Some go to gay clubs, others go to soccer matches.
Some like Robin Hood, others prefer the sheriff.

Psychotics, neurotics and careerists,
religious or political fanatics,
indifferent sleepwalkers,
drug addicts, bimbos and body builders...