Friday, March 16, 2018

Who are you really?

How do you deal with your inner idiot?
Do you try to talk sense to him?
Do you keep a low profile to not upset him more?
Are you under his thumb?
Is he under your thumb?
Do you pretend that he doesn't exist?

And how do you deal with your inner dullard
or your inner sissy?

Is the sensible part of you like a clever psychologist,
or is he like a dutiful police officer?

Do inner parts have a gender?
Is your inner idiot a female?

Have you noticed that there is a part of you 
that is not an idiot, not a dullard, not a sissy,
not a psychologist and not a police officer?

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The true self

You are not acting from your true self
when you are drunk or stoned,
stressed out, depressed
or possessed by a crazy idea...

Are you yourself 
when you're on antidepressant medication?
What do you think?

Who are you really?
Maybe you're not the one you think that you are.
Maybe you are someone else.

Is the true self an illusion, as the Buddhists say
or is it the eternal core of your being as the Hindus say?
Is it the part of you that goes to heaven or hell when you die?
Is it just brain chemistry?
Is it just an idea, a thought?

What do you think?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bad advice

"Know thyself" is not a wise exhortation.
To say “Know thyself” is like saying "Know it all". 
You will never get to know yourself fully.
You can search till the cows come home 
for your true self.
Maybe you can learn a little bit more about yourself
through self-inspection, meditation or psychoanalysis
but you will never get the full story.
Self-awareness is like a movie trailer
to a movie that is not finished yet.

Everything is in constant flux.
You are not the same person today 
as the one you were last year.
and the one you think you are right now 
will be gone in a few years.
You will grow old and frail,
demented, senile or mentally confused.

Once upon a time you were a fetus
and looked like a little rat pup.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Children and mindfulness meditation

Children are fantasizing too much.
They spend too much time in their fantasy worlds.
They must learn how to sit still 
and pay attention to what the teacher has to say.
It´s important with mathematics, grammar and spelling.
Fairies, ghosts and imagined fighter jets
have nothing to do with the real world.
There is no pilot inside a house fly.
Children can benefit from mindfulness meditation.
Children can learn how to be present, here and now.
Children need discipline.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mindfulness meditation critique

CEOs endorse mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation improves performance 
and it is lessening the employees health care utilization.

The receptivity for mindfulness is greater in the business community 
than in general academic circles.

By practicing mindfulness, 
the workforce does not get distracted by meaningless questions like:
'How the hell can I work for this company that is selling this crap?' or
'How the hell did I end up in the arms industry?'

Mindfulness practitioners become more and more narrow minded and focused.

The University of Miami offers mindfulness training to combat troops. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Drop out

It's not only religions that create problems in the world. Political ideologies and crazy personal beliefs are also very harmful.
You need to question your beliefs. Where do they come from? Do they come from your parents or from your friends, from a spiritual teacher or from a priest, from a political leader or from a psychologist? Where do they come from? Which are your own thoughts? Do you have any thoughts that you can call your own?

All people need to question their beliefs and hidden assumptions. 
This is much more important than questioning other peoples ideas.

More people should stop following political and religious leaders. More people should stop sitting in awe at the feet of a Guru. More people should jump off the bandwagon. It's getting urgent. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Do angels sometimes intervene and direct our steps in order to create synchronicities? If so, why do they intervene? Do they try to help us in some strange way? But, why are they not more helpful? Why are they so unobtrusive? We need much more help? 

If guardian angels and a benevolent God exist, why don't they help people who are in desperate need of help? There are billions of people who are in desperate need of help, right now, in this moment.