Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's all in the mind

The world doesn't work the way you think it works.
What you can see, with your own eyes, is not the reality
but an image created in your brain.
This is general knowledge nowadays.

You are not the one you think you are.
You are someone else.

Your assumptions, convictions and ideas about yourself and the world 
are made of mind stuff, electrochemical activity in your brain,
which is based on preconceptions, misconceptions and social conditioning. 

God is a mental construct.
Angels and spirits are fantasy figures.

Electrons, protons, quarks and strings are concepts.
They don't exist outside the crazy world of modern physics. 
The reality is an illusion.
You are living in a dream world.

Who are you, really?
Why are you here, right now?
Why are you reading this?
What are you looking for?

You will never find out.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good advice

Be positive
Be happy
Be strong
Be healthy
Be fit
Be good looking
Be fortunate
Be competitive
Be smart
Be capable
Be outgoing
Be goal oriented
Be focused
Be successful
Be creative
Be mindful
Don't be fat
Don't be sad
Don't be sick
Don't be old
Don't be frail
Don't be stupid
Don't be clumsy
Don't be awkward
Don't be poor
Don't be ugly
Don't be jealous
Don't be resentful
Don't be miserable
Don't be forlorn
Don't be demoralized
Don't be depressed
Don't be broken-hearted
Don't be lonesome

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Someone is trying to figure out how to open a door but gets frustrated. He is locked out. He is banging and shaking the handle. Has he lost the key or has he never had any?

I want to tell him that he should try a loving approach but realize that that wouldn't work either. The door is locked. Rational thinking, love, or brute force make no difference. I don't know either how to open the door.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Fake news
Fake religion
Fake humanism
Fake art
Fake love
Fake orgasm
Fake sincerity
Fake friendship
Fake care
Fake designer clothing
Fake money
Fake tan
Fake fur

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


God is a word that can mean almost anyting.
There are thousands and thousands of different ideas about God,
christian ideas, muslim ideas, hindu ideas...
There are gods for the rich and gods for the poor
gods for hypocrites, for crackpots and for those in despair.

All these different ideas about God can of course not be right.
It's quite possible that all of them are misconceptions.
Maybe God is something entirely different or someone else.

There are also many different atheistic ideas about the world,
how it originated, if it has an origin, how it works.
Are there multitudes of universes out there? What is dark matter?
What is consciousness? What will happen to us when we die?
The scientists speculate, debate and put forward hypotheses
but there is no unanimity among them.

We are all kept in the dark.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The thinking mind

A dream is a dream, a surrealistic night show.
The interpretation of the dream is an interpretation
made of words by the daytime thinking mind.

A work of art is a work of art.
The analysis of the artwork is also created by the thinking mind.

A strange experience, a synchronicity for example,
or some other paranormal experience, is a strange experience.
The explanation for the strange experience is an explanation.

The rational thinking part of the brain is just a small part of the brain
This know-it-all part of the brain can find smart explanations for everything.

These words are of course also a fruit of the thinking mind.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Self deception

Dishonesty and self deception are helpful tools. 
They help us to survive.
However, too much of them create serious problems.
You will find yourself in hot water 
if your life is filled to the brim with dishonesty, 
bullshit and self deception.
It's important to, now and then, question oneself.