Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brain plasticity

A human being is a mixture of high and low,
love and hate, selfishness and generosity,
courage and cowardice, idiocy and wisdom,
just to mention a few constituents.

Those who say that selfishness is our true nature
are only capable of seeing a part of us.
It’s like saying that an elephant’s true nature is a trunk.

And those who say that our true nature is love
have also picked out just a part of the picture.

If we emphasize and reinforce only one aspect of our nature,
for example selfishness, through cultural and ideological indoctrination,
if we insist to reward and admire egotistical social climbers,
we will continue to create a very unpleasant and stressful society,
war and misery.

We ought to cultivate and reinforce our friendliness and warmth instead.

To be selfish or stupid is not your true self.
It is only a part of you.