Saturday, February 14, 2015

A relaxed mind

Almost all people here on earth define themselves in ethnic, religious or political terms. Moreover, many of those who have no interest in ethnicity, religion or politics, nonetheless live according to a belief system, a belief system that they are not aware of. For example, they can be convinced that they have to climb the career ladder and become something great in the eyes of others, or they may be convinced of that life is utterly pointless. Not many people have begun to wake up yet. Almost all the people are in some kind of mesmerized state of mind.

To consciously opt out to be a follower of any religion or political ideology is extremely offensive to some people. In many Muslim countries this is a serious crime. You can be sentenced to death. It is better to keep this position for yourself, also here in the western world


It can be enormously painful to leave a religious cult. Many former cult members can bear witness to how painful it is to lose all friends. Sometimes they also lose their family. The emptiness and loneliness can be overwhelming. It can also be very painful to abandon a political or a philosophical ideology. It can be painful to abandon a destructive lifestyle. Even abandoning common everyday assumptions what life is all about can be painful. It is painful to wake up.

Why abandon a belief, an idea, a habit or an assumption if it is so painful? Isn't it better to follow the line of least resistance? Isn't it better to stay in your sect, church, or political party? Why complicate life so much? Why not just keep your beliefs, your drinking buddies and your family? Why not just stay in the warmth of your community?

Because, if you've come this far, there are no options. You simply can't stand to hear more drivel. You simply have to get out and get some fresh air.