Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why are Christians rightists?

Christians have almost always very strong right-wing political views. Where do they get these views from? Show me, please, where in the Bible it is written that a Christian should vote for the conservatives. Where does it say that an unregulated market is better than a mixed economy. Where does it say that banks should be unregulated? Where does it say that the army should have access to unlimited resources? Jesus didn't say anything about health insurances or day care.

The right-wing agenda arose many centuries after Jesus Christ. Most Christians live by ideas and values that are not christian.


You have been fooled. You are under a spell.

I'm not joking. We are brainwashed, all of us; hypnotized, duped, deceived. Some believe that they are saved, other believe that life is meaningless. Some follow their political leaders or spiritual teachers, others follow their commanders. Some follow their peer group, others obey their parents.

Some believe that that God is like a stern father, others believe that God is a fantasy. Some believe that they have awakened, others believe that they are useless. We are deceived by our beliefs, all of us.