Saturday, March 4, 2017

Religious fanatics have taken over the world

Christian fanatics are politically very influential in the US. 

Islamic fanatics in Saudi Arabia and Iran have turned the Middle East and parts of Africa to an inferno. (Syria, Irak, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, northern Nigeria, Somalia...)

Jewish fanatics are occupying parts of the West Bank. Their plan is to create 'Greater Israel', their promised land, which extends all the way to Iraq.

Christian fanatics in the US support the Jewish fanatics because they believe that Jesus will return when the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt.

George W Bush is a christian fanatic. It was God who told him to violate international law and start the Iraq War. Also many high ranking officers in the US Army are christian, right-wing fanatics.

The christian fanatics voted for Trump. His vice president Mike Pence is a christian right-wing fanatic.

Religious extremist wackos have taken the whole world hostage.

Mainstream folks are holding their breath.