Thursday, March 27, 2008

Human beings are created with a free will. If the free will is not used it will atrophy, like muscles. Muscles that are not used begin to atrophy within a few weeks, for example when a leg is in a cast.
This applies also to attention and awareness. If you are habitually inattentive and unaware you will lose those abilities. And you might lose them for good. It is terrible. You might end up in mire for the rest of your life.

Christians are deeply convinced that Hindus say their prayers to illusory Gods. Muslims believe that the Gods animists pray to are but fantasies. Most people believe that people of other faiths are misled. Introverted people think that extroverted people try to escape reality and extroverted people think the same about the introverted. Right wingers think that left wingers are jerks. Everybody seems to know everything. Isn’t it amazing? Not many people say that they really don’t have a clue about anything.

What if the God you pray to doesn't exist!
What if also you have got it all wrong.
What if also you have been deceived and misguided.

You don’t tell all the details to a child about how grandmother died. You don’t tell about what happened when you had to kill the cat. You just say: “Grandmother and the cat have gone to heaven now.”
It makes things easier.