Friday, February 22, 2008

All people have some kind of philosophy of life, or rather a number of philosophies, that direct their actions, something like software programs in a computer. The question is where all these programs are coming from and if they are all useful.

A computer without software is of course not of much use, but it also needs someone who sits there and presses the buttons, someone who make use of it. Well, it should be easy to construct a computer software that start up the computer in the morning and let it do some meaningless calculations during the day and then shut it down at night, at a certain time, but what would be the point with that?

Anyway, we all have philosophies of life, programs that direct our actions. One person, for example, can be deeply convinced that nothing is important but to make it in this world, no matter what. Another person may feel that career is not that important. Maybe he feels that it is more important to have as much fun as possible. A man may think that nothing matters but to do his duty. He can willingly risk his life in an unjust and completely meaningless war or engage himself fully in some deeply unethical activities, only because someone tells him to.

There are many different philosophies of life on the market. Some of them are useful, some of them are meant to cover hidden agendas. Some people cover their true career strategies behind clouds of religion or new age mumbo jumbo and some people are not even aware what kind of programs they have in their computer.