Monday, December 26, 2011

It's not in our nature

Hitler came to power in a democratic way. The Germans loved him and sacrificed their lives for him. They never woke up from their delusions. They never realized that they were mad until they were defeated.

Nazism is proof enough that a belief system can be incredibly powerful and incredibly idiotic. Almost all people understand today that Nazism was madness and that madness is not necessarily something in our true nature. Beliefs can turn us into idiots. We are not born idiots.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Games people play

A nice and cheerful way is a perfect cover for an asshole in the secret. Some people are genuinely nice and cheerful, but some are only acting nice in order to hide their deep selfishness. They live as if life were a theater stage.

Some people play the nice and cheerful buddy because of fear. They believe that they must not feel what they feel. Others play this game because they have in mind to trick you. However, some people have no ulterior motives. They are simply nice and cheerful.

Many people are hiding in religious disguises. Many people tell untrue stories about paranormal phenomenons they have never experienced. All people tell lies now and then. Even scientists sometimes manipulate their test results in order to make them fit with their assumptions and preconceived ideas.

This is why it is meaningless to discuss paranormal phenomenons, spirituality and religious experiences. So many people are just bullshitting; some are more sincere, yes, but there is no good way to determine if a story or an explanation is trustworthy or not.

Science is the only useful tool we have to help us when we try to discuss what is going on in the world, but science deals only with the things that can be measured and weighed. Stories about exceptional experiences may be fun to hear but they must always be taken with a pinch of salt because of our unreliable nature. Your stories about strange coincidences or mysterious events cannot prove anything to anyone but yourself.

You can never prove that what you’re telling is true. You can tell your stories but you must expect that they may be disputed. You can tell cock-and-bull stories to others, it’s not that big deal, however, if you tell cock-and bull-stories to yourself, then you are in trouble.

To present a false face to others is one thing, but to present a false face to yourself is a serious issue.

It’s possible to hear, if you listen attentively, if you are trying to lie to yourself. It is also possible to hear, if you’re trying to tell the truth.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's unpleasant to wake up

We perceive only a fraction of what’s going on in the world. Our eyes can only see certain wavelengths. The main part of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible for us. Our brain has, in a similar way, only limited accesses to the totality.

It’s nevertheless important to do the best we can, I think, with what we have. It’s not a good strategy to turn off too much of the world. It’s more comfortable to turn off the bad news, yes, but comfort comes at a price.

Sometimes the pressure on us is higher than we can handle. Sometimes we have to take a break or a time out. Maybe you have to go to the pub and get drunk. However, if you drink hard everyday, to forget your troubles, then you will eventually find yourself in a hole. You will then have an additional problem to deal with.

There are so many different ways to escape. There are different ways for different tastes. Smoking pot is an excellent method for some people. Five, six joints a day is usually enough. Tranquilizers, opium and glue are also very effective.

You can also fill all your free time with as much nonsense as possible, stupid stuff on TV, silly little games on your iPhone, hypnotic beats in your headphones, applesauce and junk food. You can make a pig of yourself. Binge eating is a very efficient way to escape.

Alternatively, you can get yourself a hobby. Engage yourself in gardening, bodybuilding, biking, miniature railways, whatever. There are so many hobbies to choose from.

You can also put all your energy into a career. You can find yourself a treadmill, and tread and trample till you die.

Religion and spirituality can also be very efficient. You can build yourself a castle in the air. You can find yourself a cult or a secret society. Superstition can easily make you loose touch completely.

However, if you don’t want to bury your head in the sand, then you have to face a lot of unpleasant feelings. It’s unpleasant to give up drinking and smoking. It’s unpleasant to deal with creditors. It’s unpleasant to see that ones religion is a scam or that ones political views are based on greed and evil. It’s unpleasant to wake up.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Is it possible to stop asking questions?

Some people simply can’t stop asking difficult questions: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we heading?

The majority is usually satisfied if someone with authority provides answers and explains how the world functions. Then they don’t have to brood on what life is all about or worry about how they should live.

However, there are also those who simply can’t stop pondering. Mysticism, philosophy and science are the results from such, sometimes desperate, ruminations. Is there a God somewhere? How did life begun here on earth? Will I reincarnate when I die?

The problem is that mystics, philosophers and scientists seldom have definitive, clear-cut and ultimate answers. They have only visions, theories and more questions to offer.

The idea that there is an end to the search when we have awakened is just an idea held by some people. Some of those will later abandon this idea. Others will hold on to it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Who are you, really?

You are not in your right mind when you are drunk. Some people have been drunk for decades. They have no idea of who they are when they’re not drunk or suffering from hangover. They have no idea of who they are, really.

In a similar way, if you are deeply involved in a weird religious cult, you have probably also forgotten who you are. You have been transformed into someone you‘re supposed to be.

The same thing happens if you’ve been very ambitious and have been working extremely hard for many years to reach the top. Then you have probably also lost your true self along the way.

Nor have people with deep neurotic problems and those exposed to too much pressure and stress access to their true self.

Therefore, if you want to find out who you are, you have to give up drinking and drugs, you have to leave the rat race or your religious cult. This is easier said than done, I know. However, there is no other way. If you can’t take these first steps, then you will never be able to understand anything about life. Meditation will not be of any help as long as you cling to your delusions.

Neurotic problems are harder to deal with. I don’t know if therapists can help to cure neuroses. Maybe they can.

Extreme pressure from our surroundings and stress are seldom something we can do much about. Pressure and stress are a part of all people’s life and something we all have to go through, I believe. All people have to ride out many storms.

What is good to know is that storms die down and neuroses can heal spontaneously after many years. It is possible to give up drugs and alcohol and it is possible to leave religious cults. It is possible to leave the rat race and it is possible to wake up from delusions.


Maybe it’s better with a nice and warm philosophy of life, than hard, cold and realistic way of looking at things. Warm thoughts make us feel better. Maybe it’s better to be warm and deluded than to feel smart and frozen. Smartness has no benefits at all, what I can see.

Therefore, you can hold on to any faith you like, as long as it keeps you warm, and as long as it doesn’t create too many problems for other people. To insist on rationality and consistency is perhaps like walking through a winter wonderland without warm clothing.

Well, maybe we also have to accept that we do create miseries for others and ourselves with all our crazy ideas. Maybe we’re just some kind of miserable naked apes with crazy thoughts in our heads to keep us warm.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who am I?

I believe that I am this body, this mind, all my stories, ideas and conditionings.

Some people believe that the true self is to be found somewhere else. They believe that what they really are is formless nothingness.

Some people believe that they are God; others believe that they are Napoleon.


Do you agree with that people can become obsessed with all sorts of weird ideas? Do you agree with that those ideas can create disasters?

The Germans became obsessed with Nazism and Social Darwinism during the thirties and forties. The rulers of today are obsessed with an ideology called Neo liberalism. They believe that greed is good.

Religious fanatics can become obsessed with incredible weird ideas, Muslim suicide bombers, Christian fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, Hindu fanatics; there are so many crackpots out there.

Do you agree with that superstition is as widespread today as it was five hundred years ago?

Do you agree with that ideas can make any average man or woman crazy? Do you agree with that the horrors in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia were caused by crazy ideas?

Do you agree with that it is quite possible that also you are obsessed with a crazy idea, though you’re not aware of it yet?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Every human being has a philosophy of life but many people are not aware of this fact. Most people have never examined which values, ethical ideas and metaphysical assumptions they live by. We don’t know what we think and how we look at life, really. This is dangerous because unconscious thoughts, ideas and beliefs strongly influence our decisions and actions.

What do you think?

Do you think that you understand what life is about?

Do you think that human beings are selfish by nature? Do you believe that the law of the jungle still applies and that friendliness and helpfulness is just a cloak to make us look good? Do you think we all are like car salesmen or politicians?

Do you believe that all people are wolfs in sheep’s clothing?

Alternatively, do you believe that people are sheep really, but in wolf’s clothing?

Do you believe that human beings are sometimes sheepish and sometimes wolfish, by nature?

Do you believe that human beings are a cross between sheep and wolfs?

Do you think that equal rights and justice are important issues?

Do you believe that poor people suffer because they are lazy?

If you happened to win a thousand dollars on a lottery ticket, would you spend the money on yourself or would you send them to hungry children in India?

Do you believe that objective truths exist, or do you believe that truth is always relative?

Do you believe that an action is good if it feels good?

Do you believe that we have a free will, that we can make decisions?

Do you think that all ideas, including your ideas, should to be questioned?

Do you believe in an objective reality outside your own mind?

Do you believe that science is an important tool, or do you believe that intuition is more secure road to the truth?

Do you think that evidence is quite unimportant?

Do you believe that extraterrestrial beings are sometimes visiting earth? If you believe that extraterrestrials are sometimes visiting earth, what makes you think so? Have you met them? Have you seen convincing film clips on You Tube?

Many people have met angels, many have met ghosts and many have seen UFOs. Can they be nuts, all of them? What do you think? Can they be right?

If you don’t believe that extraterrestrial beings are sometimes visiting earth, what makes you embrace this idea?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe in heaven and hell? Why? Why not?

If you believe that a human being has only one life and if there is no heaven, how would you justify that so many people have to suffer so much because you and other rich people don‘t want to share enough of their riches?

Do you think that religion and spirituality simply are fantasies we need in order to stay sane in this world of grotesque injustice, inequality and madness?

Do you think that it is possible to live a life of selfishness, delusion, greed and evil without any repercussions whatsoever?

Do you think that the karma theory or the ideas of a judgment day are fantasies?

Do you agree with that your explanations may be total misunderstandings because you are aware of the fact that all people make mistakes and misunderstand things?

Do you believe that there are no mistakes? Do you believe that everything is in perfect order?

Are you aware of the fact that your answers to the questions here are not necessarily yours? Where did you find them, in books or on the internet? Did you learn them from someone you admire?

Are you aware of the fact that your ideas are not your ideas?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The thinking mind can’t make you happy.

Both spiritual and scientific explanations are created in the thinking mind. The thinking mind is just a small fraction of the whole mind but it is nevertheless very important. This part of us makes us human. Without the thinking mind, we would be apes. No-mind is a meaningless concept. What is important is how we make use of the thinking mind and to which end.

Our history and our plans for the future are also important. Human beings live not only in the now, like the animals. We have memories and stories to tell; we make plans and look forward to when things will improve. To focus all attention on the now will not bring about awakening.

Warmth is much more important than the now and all clever explanations. Imagine someone without the ability to feel sadness, love, kindness and friendship, but with a head filled with answers. Can you think of a more miserable person?


Some people believe in reincarnation, others that they will end up in heaven or hell when they die. I believe that my life is like a fire in a cold and indifferent winter’s night. Eventually it will go out, but others will bring the fire on..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We will not wake up from the hypnosis

You can’t expect that a devout Muslim would abandon his religion simply because you have strong arguments against religious delusions and superstition.

You can’t expect that a Jew or a Catholic would question their beliefs. You can’t expect that a right-winger would understand that his worldview is nothing but a mental construct, like a fantasy or a daydream.

All people build castles in the air, new-age people, religious people, people with political opinions and agendas. All people confuse their fantasies with the reality.

Very few are able to realize that they’ve been indoctrinated and deluded. Very few are able to realize that their religion, worldview and political opinions are nothing but weird ideas. Very few are able to drop their delusions.

This is the reason why I don’t believe in a future for humankind here on earth. We simply can‘t give up our desperate fight to defend our follies.