Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Self inquiry

It is better to observe your actions than your thoughts if you whish to gain some knowledge about yourself. However, knowledge about oneself is seldom pleasant and it will not always be helpful. To see things clearly can make you downhearted or depressed.

Most people think they are more generous than they actually are. Most people overestimate their intelligence and their knowledge. Psychologists call this phenomenon illusory superiority.

Observe yourself when you don’t give money to a beggar Observe yourself when you give money to a beggar. Observe yourself when you try to get in first to get a better seat. Listen to yourself when you tell a lie or talk bullshit. You will be surprised.

The thinking mind is not reliable. You have to observe your actions if you want learn about yourself.


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Communism and Christianity

Of course it’s impossible to call oneself communist today after all the atrocities and crimes that have been committed in the past by people who called themselves communists. But how is it that so many people today can call themselves Christians without being ashamed, after centuries of cruelties and devilry that have been committed by people who called themselves Christians? The slave traders, witch hunts and inquisition trials seem to be forgotten.