Sunday, November 15, 2009

We don't need the religions

I believe that at the core of a human being there is friendliness. Yes, we can be pretty nasty with each other but this happens only when we are off track. We are friendly when everything is ok, when we have nice friends around, when we are relaxed. Friendliness is our true nature. We don’t need any religious teachings for this friendliness.

The religions and the philosophies are superfluous. We don’t have to believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins if we want to make ourselves a cup of coffee. We don’t need any spiritual teachings at all to go for a walk.

All religions should be abandoned

I have read a few of Karen Armstrong’s books and found them very interesting, however, when she writes in a `Charter for Compassion´ that the principle of compassion lies at the hart of all religious traditions I don’t agree with her.

At the heart of Hinduism you will find the cast system. High cast Hindus show very little compassion towards low cast Hindus or outcasts. They have a lot of interesting old scriptures and philosophies, but the practice have always been about who is more and who is less worth.

Christianity was created about 325 AD when it was decided which were the true words of Jesus. Christians have never in history showed much compassion towards non Christians or those with a different view about what Christianity is. Yes, there are some nice words in the New Testament but there are also a lot of rubbish.

At the heart of Islam was Jihad, the holy war. The Arabs were warriors who conquered the world. All the different clans were united in the new faith. All men were equal. Their faith made them strong.

I think that all the religions should be abandoned. Religions belong to the past, they belong to the Old World.

Also the ideologies should be abandoned, I think. Nazism, Fascism, Social Darwinism, Biologism, Communism, Liberalism, Modernism and Postmodernism, all ideologies and mental constructions belong to the Old World.