Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thoughts are generated in the subconscious mind. They have their source in life strategies and core beliefs.

Core beliefs are something you get from early childhood conditioning. Life strategies and are strategies we develop later in life to try to cope in this world. We act from our life strategies. The thoughts are mostly justifications,rationalizations and explanations to our actions.

For example:
Core belief: Everything is meaningless. There is no hope, not for me, not for humanity.
Life strategy: Take whatever you can get now. Tomorrow is another day.
Thought: So and so is a jerk. Is that a way to live?

Core belief: A big, jealous and vengeful God watches over me.
Life strategy: I must always do as the priests tell me to do.
Thought: How I would like him to fuck me. Oh my Goodness!

However, there are “deeper” levels. Maybe synchronicities and clairvoyance are not not even psychological or physiological phenomenons. Mayne they are not made of mind stuff at all. They are mysterious, metaphysical phenomenon’s. To try to find scientific explanations to them is futile.

But there are even more deeper levels. I'm thinking of revelations and mystic experiences. On this level, words are completely useless.

The words, the thoughts and the concepts in the left brain hemisphere are good and useful tools, if they are used for what they are made to do, socializing, jokes, gossip, politics, science and plan makings, but to describe or discuss mystical experiences they wont do. It is like trying to repair a software problem in the computer with a hammer. It is wrong kind of tool.

Friday, June 27, 2008

How can one be happy in this terrible world of war and terror? And how can one be happy when the head is filled with all kinds of urgent problems? Maybe one has serious money problems, maybe one has a lot of problems at work, maybe one doesn’t have the time to take care of one´s elderly parents, whatever. Is it really the ego that construct all these problems?

Born again Christians and people who belong to certain religious sects are often very happy. Should one become a born again Christian, or should one adopt some other ecstatic belief system? Should one start to eat Prozac pills? Should one simply skip all the problems or let someone else solve them? Should one go and get drunk and let the problems hover over the head like vultures? Witch strategy is the best?

How can one be at peace in the “Now” with a lot of problems? It is of course a different story if all people around you where awakened, but how shall one deal with it today?

Well, this is what I have arrived at: one can have a lot of problems, deal with them, and be in the “Now“. To be in the “Now” is not an escape. To be in the “Now” is not necessarily pleasant.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So, if all ideas and ideologies in history have proved to be disastrous, how shall the new world be organized? Should we drop the idea of governments all together? Should we let go of laws and juridical systems? If all people where awakened would there be any need for laws and governments?

For the first, I think democracy is a good idea. (Jesus Christ! What is this now? You have just explained that all ideas have proved to be disastrous.)

Well, democracy is a good idea, but what do we mean when we talk about it? The official name for East Germany was: The German Democratic Republic. Everybody knows that East Germany wasn't a democratic republic. The official name for North Korea is: People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea. And everybody knows that North Korea is not a democratic. The word democracy doesn’t mean anything here.

In the U.S. you are free to choose between two right wing parties, or as Noam Chomsky puts it, two fractions of one and the same party. And think of all the extreme fascist dictatorships that the U.S has supported through the years, and all the democratic regimes that has been overthrown or thwarted by the CIA. We are not living in a democratic world. There is not a war going on today between democratic countries and different totalitarian regimes and terrorists. It is a fight, as it has always been, between all kinds of madmen.

Augusto Pinochet was a deeply religious man, a devout Catholic, a Christian. Silvio Berlusconi is also a Christian. He is modeling his life after the Lord Jesus Christ. Al Capone was a Christian. The drug lords in Columbia think of themselves as Christian and so did the slave traders. The word Christian simply doesn’t mean anything.

It is the same thing with many words, they don’t mean anything or they can mean just anything. Freedom, Love, Honesty, Brotherhood, Spirituality, Decency, Justice, Awakening, The true Self, Eternity… We’re talking and talking but we don’t know what we are talking about. We have a problem here.

Anyway, a democratic world governed by elected and awakened people would be good.


I think that many people all over the world have had it with ideologies and religions today. I have met many serious people that just don’t care about politics or religion anymore. What if we could get organized? What if we could form a new church, a new party without any agenda, without any specific ideas about anything, without any dogmas, without any idiotic hatred, just life, as it is, in this moment. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Think of a man who is waiting for a phone call. He is waiting and waiting for the phone to ring, but nothing happens. “What the hell is this. Why isn’t she calling.” So, he tries to call her, but she is not answering. He gets upset. He gets worried. He gets all sorts of crazy thoughts in his poor little head. He feels irritated and miserable. “Is it over now?“ Everything goes wrong. The weather is terrible. A strong wind takes he’s new baseball cap when he is on his way to the library. The whole world is against him. The world is a terrible place.
Then he suddenly remembers that she had to go to the doctor today and then she had to meet up with her sister. Everything is changing now. “How stupid I am. What an Idiot I am.” Suddenly he is happy again. The world is a fantastic place. Life is wonderful.

Not only men in love get things wrong. How much of our misery is not simply misapprehensions, misconceptions and misunderstandings. Maybe we have got it all wrong. Maybe we have just mixed things up? Maybe the world is a fantastic place.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All the endless man made problems in the world, war, injustice, starvation, murder, hate, exploitation, pollution and so on, are products of ideas. The Nazis in Germany had the idea that they belonged to a superior race and because life is a battle between races, they had to defeat all other inferior people. They didn’t mind to kill little children if they belonged to an inferior race. Ordinary family men gladly killed little children.

Today we live by the idea that a completely free and unregulated market is the supreme goal. Human beings are egoists by nature and if we struggle like hell for our own benefit everything will end up in perfect order. The strong will survive and the weak will vanish. (Blessed are the strong for they shall inherit the earth.) That is why all the industries have been moved to China and countries with fewer regulations. No inhibiting rights for the workers, no inhibiting taxes, no inhibiting laws against pollution. Many people know by now what the result will be: an environmental world catastrophe, but we can’t change it. The Germans couldn’t change their ideas either. They where forced to change.

All political ideologies, all religions, science, misunderstandings and resentments, everything, is driven by ideas. But what are ideas really? What do they consist of? Are they material? Can we free ourselves from them? Is it possible to wake up from the hypnosis?

I’m going on and on and on and on about the same thing. Are there really no other people out there who have had enough of ideas? Life is about this, life is about that. I love myself, I don’t love myself. For heavens sake, all you idiots out there: WAKE UP!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If I was a rightist and you where a leftist we would for sure have problems getting along; or if I was a born again Christian and you where an atheist, or…
Biologically we are all very close, almost like brothers and sisters; it is our ideas, beliefs and misunderstandings that separate us and bring about all the violence, wars and horrors.

Also, if I feel inferior to you, because you look so good and seem so smart, then we will have big problems in our communication; or if I feel superior to you, because you are nothing but a cleaner. I mean, I’m married to a rich man after all, and I’m slimmer. The color of my skin is so much better than yours, and I took piano lessons when I was young and I am radiating so much more optimism than you do. Of course I’m better than you.

We stuff our heads with so much stupidities and nonsense and then it is almost impossible to get rid of it, why is that? Why isn’t it until we have to face death, or own or someone near to us, that we can begin to question ourselves. Why are the idiocies so strong? Why is it so difficult to realize even simple things?

Also PhDs and professors can be completely deluded. Education doesn’t change a thing. Look what kind of experiments Dr. Mengele and his scientist friends did in Nazi Germany when they used human beings as guinea pigs. Look what they do in the huge arms industry, all the well-bred, well-groomed and optimistic little boys in men’s bodies.

There is no hope for mankind. Throw all the nonsense about positive thinking in the garbage bin. We will not wake up, though it is possible. Some people here and there might wake up to some extent but the vast majority will live on as they always have, as complete idiots.

So, how do you deal with thoughts like this? Which is your strategy? Do you ignore them, stuff them away somewhere in the back of your head or do you try to find some neat rationalization? Do you pour yourself a drink, turn on the TV set and get lost in some fantasy world, or do you try to find some strange religious belief system, a sect that can comfort you?

You can listen to a CD with hypnotic suggestions. That might work for some time. NLP, Loving Kindness meditation or prayers; cognitive psychology, depth psychology, rebirthing, there are hundreds of different methods on the market, maybe you can find a spiritual master, but whatever you do, you still have to face the fact that reality stinks.

What the hell can we do? Is there anything we can do?

If we dare to see the madness clearly, if we dare to take the bull by the horns, if we dare to see how fooled we are by our own thinking, the awakening might come by itself. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You can’t love somebody intentionally. You can’t love anybody or anything just because you should, your neighbor, yourself. Love and happiness comes by itself when we’re in a good mood.

So, if I'm happy and love everybody, sometimes, when I am in a good mood, how do I change my mood? Well, we can’t change our mood, it changes by itself. There is nothing we can do about it. It is like going to bed at night. We can’t intentionally put ourselves to sleep, but we can make it comfortable for us, maybe read a little and then turn the lights off, and suddenly we’re gone without the faintest idea how it all happened. If you have to wake up early the next day, and you begin to think about how many hours of sleep you can catch if you fall asleep right now, you will certainly create a problem for yourself. The sleep will simply refuse to come. It is the same thing with love and happiness. Don’t think about it. Don't worry about it. If you're not too selfish and if you can be a little helpful to others, without expecting anything in return, pure love and happiness will come, at times, by itself.


Don't look down on a person just because he is wearing strange or awful clothes. In the same way, don’t put somebody off just because of he has strange or awful ideas. It is not a big deal really if he’s a right winger, a Catholic or a Hare Krishna follower. Many people simply don’t know what their ideas imply. It is the actions that is important. Judge people by their actions, not by their words. Some people can be wonderful to have a chat with, but terrible at home with their family.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Don’t try to wake up. Don’t try to be more aware, or more present. Don’t try to better yourself. Don’t try to be more optimistic. And whatever you do, don’t try to love yourself. All this is nonsense. If you absolutely have to try something, try to make yourself as unaware as you possible can. I’m not kidding. Make yourself completely stupid. Put some energy to it. Try the best you can to live your life in a fog. We’re all sleepwalkers. God made us this way. Get involved in some weird religion or belief system or invent some crazy philosophy of your own. Drink yourself to oblivion. Eat candy, drink liquor and watch all the stupidities you can on television - until you die. I'm serious. The more conscious effort you put into it the less it will work out. Try it. The proof is in the pudding.

You can’t put yourself to sleep at night by willpower. Willpower is completely useless with such things. It doesn't work to yell at yourself: "Sleep now you idiot!" It is the same thong with relaxation. Don’t try to relax.


There are different ways to be disillusioned. One way is to be depressed because one's castle in the air suddenly has crumbled. Another way is to feel a great relief because the illusions are gone.

All political movements and belief systems have proved to be terrible. All! The conclusion must be: Leave all political movements and belief systems. Skip the elections. Democracy or Fascism, it is not much difference these days. Be a defector. But be careful. This can be very provocative to many people. So don’t tell them. Pretend that you are perfectly normal. This will spare you from a lot of trouble.