Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So, if all ideas and ideologies in history have proved to be disastrous, how shall the new world be organized? Should we drop the idea of governments all together? Should we let go of laws and juridical systems? If all people where awakened would there be any need for laws and governments?

For the first, I think democracy is a good idea. (Jesus Christ! What is this now? You have just explained that all ideas have proved to be disastrous.)

Well, democracy is a good idea, but what do we mean when we talk about it? The official name for East Germany was: The German Democratic Republic. Everybody knows that East Germany wasn't a democratic republic. The official name for North Korea is: People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea. And everybody knows that North Korea is not a democratic. The word democracy doesn’t mean anything here.

In the U.S. you are free to choose between two right wing parties, or as Noam Chomsky puts it, two fractions of one and the same party. And think of all the extreme fascist dictatorships that the U.S has supported through the years, and all the democratic regimes that has been overthrown or thwarted by the CIA. We are not living in a democratic world. There is not a war going on today between democratic countries and different totalitarian regimes and terrorists. It is a fight, as it has always been, between all kinds of madmen.

Augusto Pinochet was a deeply religious man, a devout Catholic, a Christian. Silvio Berlusconi is also a Christian. He is modeling his life after the Lord Jesus Christ. Al Capone was a Christian. The drug lords in Columbia think of themselves as Christian and so did the slave traders. The word Christian simply doesn’t mean anything.

It is the same thing with many words, they don’t mean anything or they can mean just anything. Freedom, Love, Honesty, Brotherhood, Spirituality, Decency, Justice, Awakening, The true Self, Eternity… We’re talking and talking but we don’t know what we are talking about. We have a problem here.

Anyway, a democratic world governed by elected and awakened people would be good.


I think that many people all over the world have had it with ideologies and religions today. I have met many serious people that just don’t care about politics or religion anymore. What if we could get organized? What if we could form a new church, a new party without any agenda, without any specific ideas about anything, without any dogmas, without any idiotic hatred, just life, as it is, in this moment. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Think of a man who is waiting for a phone call. He is waiting and waiting for the phone to ring, but nothing happens. “What the hell is this. Why isn’t she calling.” So, he tries to call her, but she is not answering. He gets upset. He gets worried. He gets all sorts of crazy thoughts in his poor little head. He feels irritated and miserable. “Is it over now?“ Everything goes wrong. The weather is terrible. A strong wind takes he’s new baseball cap when he is on his way to the library. The whole world is against him. The world is a terrible place.
Then he suddenly remembers that she had to go to the doctor today and then she had to meet up with her sister. Everything is changing now. “How stupid I am. What an Idiot I am.” Suddenly he is happy again. The world is a fantastic place. Life is wonderful.

Not only men in love get things wrong. How much of our misery is not simply misapprehensions, misconceptions and misunderstandings. Maybe we have got it all wrong. Maybe we have just mixed things up? Maybe the world is a fantastic place.

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Doreen said...

"If all people where awakened would there be any need for laws and governments?"

No. In a "new" earth all people would be seen with the gift each Being is born with. Everyone has something to offer to the whole. Living together would work naturally. EVERYONE is honored for what they love to do...everyone is taken care of by the nature of this automatic activity. NO ONE goes hungry, everyone has shelter, etc. AND NO ONE HAS MORE THAN ANOTHER. EQUALITY IN DIVERSITY. Read my blog, I talk about this.

This is happening without the ego.
Without the ego there are no "problems" only solutions. A problem cannot EXIST without the ego.