Sunday, June 22, 2008

All the endless man made problems in the world, war, injustice, starvation, murder, hate, exploitation, pollution and so on, are products of ideas. The Nazis in Germany had the idea that they belonged to a superior race and because life is a battle between races, they had to defeat all other inferior people. They didn’t mind to kill little children if they belonged to an inferior race. Ordinary family men gladly killed little children.

Today we live by the idea that a completely free and unregulated market is the supreme goal. Human beings are egoists by nature and if we struggle like hell for our own benefit everything will end up in perfect order. The strong will survive and the weak will vanish. (Blessed are the strong for they shall inherit the earth.) That is why all the industries have been moved to China and countries with fewer regulations. No inhibiting rights for the workers, no inhibiting taxes, no inhibiting laws against pollution. Many people know by now what the result will be: an environmental world catastrophe, but we can’t change it. The Germans couldn’t change their ideas either. They where forced to change.

All political ideologies, all religions, science, misunderstandings and resentments, everything, is driven by ideas. But what are ideas really? What do they consist of? Are they material? Can we free ourselves from them? Is it possible to wake up from the hypnosis?

I’m going on and on and on and on about the same thing. Are there really no other people out there who have had enough of ideas? Life is about this, life is about that. I love myself, I don’t love myself. For heavens sake, all you idiots out there: WAKE UP!!!


Doreen said...

do you think that the children of the germans during wwII, perhaps, had a more insidious torment when, after the war, they could realize that they had been completely betrayed by their parents who followed the fuhrer. I just saw the film "Europa, Europa." Julie Delpy plays the role of a young german girl who feels it is her duty to have a baby with a "pure bred" boy she does not love and then give up that baby to the "fuhrer-state."

Doreen said...

I think acceptance of what is, now, in this very moment, in this sphere, is not condoning violence, war, etc. "The "yes to what is" is not fighting against anything and therefore it breaks out of a cycle.

I guess, I'm "objecting to" an endless condemnation of the ego mind, which we have all been a part of, because it is like the ego mind trying to fix itself...that's never going to happen. So, we can agree that heinous acts have been perpetrated on "innocents" but some people go through a "hell" day in and day out, too. Knowing that the formless within never ends is helpful because otherwise you HAVE to kill yourself. I think it is precisely the ego mind that fears the unknown and therefore has to commit violence in many, many ways in an attempt to ward off "death." (or they meet death in the "hope" that, there, they will go to heaven) But, in truth, death never comes. It may be like a dreamless sleep, which we welcome every night. (I think I got that from Byron Katie, sort of) That peace. "Rest in Peace" Actually, once you "get" the "peace" it just continues.

The thinking mind served a purpose for awhile and then it just got madder and madder until it went completely beserk!! So we can condemn the violent acts of the past but I know we have to view them like the insanity "defense." The consequences of those actions are still being played out. And now we have a chance for a new earth. Heaven is right here, on Earth, each of us has to find it but we have helpers, like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Arne. And it is found in the Now. Here.