Sunday, February 3, 2013

The inner voices

-It's only hundred fifty seven years ago since Darwin hit the final nail in God's coffin. Most people have not yet realized this fact. The church's role has declined dramatically since those days, yes, but people in general cannot accept the idea that life has no particular meaning or purpose. Not even here in Europe are people willing to drop their beliefs in a life after death. We can't just live and die like animals, like rats. Something wonderful must exist behind all this madness.

-What is more important to you, peace or truth?

-I prefer truth.

-And how will you find the truth, by reading books?

-How do you find the truth?

-I'm not looking for the truth. I'm looking for peace of mind.

-Where do you find peace of mind, in self-deception or marijuana?

-For me are depressing ideas self-deceptions, and ideas that make me feel happy and serene are truths. You can call my ideas self-deceptions and I can call your ideas depressing, but none of us can prove that the other is wrong. Therefore I choose the ideas that make me feel good?

-So, you are a relativist?

-I don't know what I am. You can call me relativist if that makes you happy.

-Many people in Germany became exuberant happy when Hitler came to power.

-I'm not a Nazi

-No, but you're asleep, spiritually, like the Nazis. People in a trance are dangerous.

-What an idiot you are. Even the Catholic Church accept Darwin's ideas about the evolution, but they think that there is a God behind it all. The process of evolution is planned and actively guided by God, they say. They have created their theory and the Hindus have other theories. There are thousands and thousands of different theories. Feel free to invent your own explanation. If your explanation makes you feel good or bad, is the litmus test.

-The idea that God actively controls our lives is truly frightening, isn't it. It must be an evil God who lets small children suffer and die in dreadful diseases. What kind of father is that?

-So, find a better explanation.