Sunday, January 27, 2013


-Do you believe in God?

-Depends on what you mean by God. Do you mean a person, a father,
someone who can help us when we’re in trouble?
No, I don’t believe that there is such a father somewhere.

-Well, do you believe in a higher power?

-What do you mean by higher power, some kind of electricity?

-I mean a higher force, a spiritual force.

-Ok, what do you mean by spiritual force?

-I mean some kind of immaterial force.

-Like magnetism?

-No, a spiritual force.

-What is a spiritual force?

-It’s very difficult for you to think outside the box, isn’t it?

-It’s impossible to think outside the box, I believe, because thinking is the box.

-So, this is all there is, what we can see and hear, touch and smell,
taste and think?

-No, of course not, we can only see and hear certain wavelengths. We’re limited, trapped. We’re like frogs in a well. We don’t know much of what’s beyond our well.

-So you accept, after all, the idea that there is a bigger world, outside of our well?
Maybe there’s a homely little pond out there somewhere, or a lake.

-Yes, maybe.

-Is it not strange that both these separate voices are created in the same brain?

-In our brain.

-Yes, in our brain.