Friday, January 31, 2014


Even if you were to experience a spiritual awakening,
you would still be forced to live your life in the everyday life dimension.
You would still need food and shelter, for yourself and for your family.
You would still have to deal with all the annoyances of everyday life.
A spiritual awakening would not solve your problems.

Con fusion

Some believe that they are superior, others that they are inferior.
Some are optimists, others are more skeptical.
Some are fully convinced about things they have not a clue about.
Maybe we all live in different fantasy worlds,
with different ideas about the world and what life is about.
Is there a God or a bunch of gods that guide our steps?
Is there an afterlife?
Will we reincarnate?
Maybe there are no Gods.
Maybe there is no afterlife.
Maybe there are multitudes of other universes out there somewhere?
Maybe we have a free will, maybe we don't.
Maybe there are no rules we have to follow,
maybe there are.
What is the world like, really?

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street became a multi millionaire by taking advantage of people's greed and stupidity. But he was not the only one who became rich by cheating fools. Wall Street was, and still is, crammed with with cocaine-snorting crooks who get rich by cheating gullible fools. They sold huge amounts of worthless "financial instruments" to investors worldwide. Then, when the bubble burst in 2008, and the financial crisis was a fact, it was the taxpayers who had to rescue them.

Of course there are a lot of crooks also here in Europe. Here they did their rackets in Iceland, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece... And in all these countries have taxpayers been forced to step in and support them so that their card houses would not collapse. If we hadn't bailed out the banks, we would have gone under with them. We have been kidnapped by gangsters.

Now we are sitting in movie theaters across the globe, giggling with delight when Leonardo DiCaprio jumps on the gravy train and fucks whores left and right. What amazing success ? What amazing babes ! Wow!

Monday, January 20, 2014


What is the purpose with your meditation practice?
What are you trying to achieve?
What expectations do you have?
Which delusions are driving you?
Do you want to become enlightened and awesome?
Do you want to merge with the cosmic soul?
Do you want to become more self confident and more successful?
Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to improve yourself in some way?
Do you need a group affiliation?
What are you looking for?
What if it is a misunderstanding that motivates you.
What if you've been misled by spaced out gurus and life coaches.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

To search for truths

Many of those who start searching will not find any opals.
Many of those who devote their lives to dig themselves deeper and deeper
into the earth, will come back empty-handed.

How would you handle a failure like this?
What would you tell your old friends and family?
Would you lie and say that you really did find some beautiful opals
but that you sold them, and then you lost all the money,
or, would you prefer to be honest
and explain that you have wasted many, many years of your life
in this stupid search after illusions?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Important discoveries

The earth is not flat.
The earth is not at the center of the universe.
It is just a boulder among billions of other boulders.
A human being is just an animal among all the other animals.
God is just a fantasy figure.
There are no trolls, no ghosts and no fairies.
Life has no purpose, if you don't invent one.
The evolution has no direction and no goal.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


It is very painful to realize
that one has been living for so many years
in lies and self-deception.

Alcoholics, drug addicts and neurotics are ruining their lives
and the lives of their families
and they are not even aware of it.
They can't see that their drinking habits
or neurotic selfishness creates serious problems.
Of course they can't see.
Of course you don't want to see that what you're doing is awful.

An alcoholic can come up with the most fantastic justifications
for his or her inordinate drinking.
Similarly, a neurotic person can construct
absolutely watertight explanations and reasons
for his or her behavior.
Hitler blamed himself, in the Berlin bunker,
for having been too soft with the German people.
This was his biggest mistake in life.
The thinking mind has an enormous power.

It is impossible to awaken people from alcoholism and neurotic delusions.
The protective walls are impenetrable.
Not until the poor con artist finally realizes, that he or she has a problem
can friends, family members or therapists be of any help.

The insight that you have a problem is the starting point.
This is awakening.
This is kensho.
Now you have to get out of bed.
Now you can to begin to do, what you have to do.

Take it easy. Don't rush.
It will take a long time to learn how to accept
a life without delusion.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Surrender to madness

You are constantly bombarded with nonsense, silliness and crap.
Wonderful housewives with wonderful detergents;
how to become skinny, how to become gorgeous and how to get rich.
Endless idiocy, in the subway ads, in newspapers, in radio,
in your iPhone, in the computer games, on television ...
Wherever you turn your attention, you will discover something idiotic.
You can't hide; you can't escape.
You can't even hear your own thoughts.
You have lost your soul, long, long ago.

If you, for some strange reason, would get access to your true self,
then you would have no use for it.
A stupid ego is much more useful here in this world.

Bell jars

You're living in a fantasy world.
We're all living in fantasy worlds.
We're all living in bubbles.

You live in your world and I live in mine.
What is the world like, really?
How are we to live?
What do you think?

Some go to Church, others go to mosques.
Some go to gay clubs, others go to soccer matches.
Some like Robin Hood, others prefer the sheriff.

Psychotics, neurotics and careerists,
religious or political fanatics,
indifferent sleepwalkers,
drug addicts, bimbos and body builders...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Resistance in meditation practice

It is unpleasant to get to know oneself.
We don't want to get to know the unpleasant parts of ourselves.
This is perfectly understandable.
We don't want to discover that we are greedy or nasty.
We don't want to discover that we are disgusting or meddlesome.
We don't want to discover that we are miserable.
We want to appear as optimistic, relaxed and sensible,
both to ourselves and to others.

Resistance to meditation practice
is often because we don't want to encounter
the unpleasant parts of our being.

Meditation is not about peace and harmony;
it is not about merging with the cosmic soul.
Such ideas are just bullshit.
Meditation is a method to uncover inner bullshit.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Are you possessed by an evil spirit, a lazy spirit or a stupid spirit?
So many problematic spirits can take you in possession,
egotistical spirits, jealous spirits, greedy spirits...

There are so many crazy ideas and misunderstandings that can take over you
and you are blissfully unaware of this.
The brain works this way, for some strange reason
Later you can hopefully realize that you were a fool,
but right now, right here, inside the illusion,
you are convinced that you see things clearly,
unlike others around you.
You're blinded. You're hypnotized.
You're under a spell.
And there is absolutely nothing you can do about this,
not at this moment.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Soviet Union carried the greatest burden in WWII

German Military losses in WWII

Africa                                16,066
The Balkans                     103,693
Northern Europe                30,165
Western Europe               339,957 (until december 31,1944)
Italy                                 150,660
Other                               245,561 (including air war in Germany and at sea)
Against the U.S.S.R      2,742,909 (until december 31,1944)

Confirmed deaths of POWs in captivity 459,475
Final battles in Germany during 1945 1,230,045

Soviet Union:  Military deaths: 8.7 million – 13.8 million
                      Civilian deaths due to military activity: 13-18 million
                      Total deaths: 21.8-28 million

Germany:        Military deaths: 4.3 – 5.5 million
                      Civilian deaths due to military activity: 1,5-3 million
                      Total deaths: 7- 9 million

US:                Military deaths: 417 000
                     Civilian deaths due to military activity: 1700
                     Total deaths: 419 000

UK:               Military deaths: 383 000 (Including Indians 87 000, Burmese 22 000)
                     Civilian deaths due to military activity: 67 000
                     Total deaths: 451 000

France:         Military deaths: 200 000 (Including colonies)
                    Civilian deaths due to military activity: 350 000
                    Total deaths: 550 000