Monday, January 12, 2009

"I have to do something with my life now", is a thought. "No, I don’t have to do anything with my life, everything is perfect", is another thought.

"My head is filled with thoughts, stupid thoughts, negative thoughts, ugly thoughts,
whirling thoughts, like dervishes. I don’t know what to do. I wish I had wonderful thoughts, like the movie stars and the celebrities. I wish I was enlightened. I wish I was awakened, like the Gurus in India, or the Tibetan monks. They don’t think. They are always happy, like born again Christians."

Thoughts like this are taboo. They have to be shut up in dungeons with other nasty thoughts where no one can hear them, like in a medieval castle. In the dining room,
the conversations are spirited and filled with humor and wit. Only the good thoughts are accepted here. I wish I could live all my life in the dining room and the parlors being up to fun with the giggling damsels. I wish the dungeons didn’t exist.
I'm only interested in certain parts of the totality.

Stop this bloody nonsense now. Wake up! The mind is not like an medieval castle. Jesus Christ! This is just fantasies.

Meditation is a word. Different people mean completely different things when they talk about meditation. It’s the same thing with awakening, for example, or love or Judeo-Christian ethics and moral values. Different people mean different things when they use words. We are not on the same page. Judeo-Christian ethics and moral values? What do you mean when you talk about Judeo-Christian ethics and moral values? Inquisition trials? Torture chambers? Witch hunts? Bigotry? Colonialism?

If I point at a book on a table and say: "Go and get that book for me, please.", it means something. However, if I say, "I don’t believe in God" or "God is love", it means different things to different people. "God" and "love" are but sounds. What use do you have for words with hundreds of different meanings?

A woman I know told me yesterday that she has now been diagnosed with liver cancer. She doesn’t sleep well because her skin is itching. She spends the nights thinking and scratching herself and waiting for the morning to come. I didn't know what to say to her. Should I have said: "Oh, I'm so sorry" or "Chin up. Life's a miracle.
Soon the spring will be here"?

If there is a God who really cares about us and even knows how many hairs we have on my head, he must be evil, incredibly evil. The way he arranges things is truly sadistic.

From Wikipedia
“A taboo is a strong social prohibition or ban against words,
objects, actions or discussions that are considered
undesirable or offensive by a group, culture,
society or community."