Sunday, March 16, 2008

We have always fooled ourselves. We have always been deeply convinced about things that later proved to be totally idiotic. We have been witch hunters, slave traders, and Nazis. We have sacrificed both animals and humans on altars too to please imagined gods. We have drilled holes in the skulls of crazy people to let the evil spirits out...

So, if we always have fooled ourselves, isn’t it quite possible that we, in this very moment, are completely fooled, that what we truly believe now will later be considered as idiocies?

Sometimes it is not enough to pretend that you are stupid to avoid annoying people, sometimes it is necessary to turn yourself into a complete idiot.

I wonder what it was like to live in Germany in the end of the nineteen thirties when almost everyone around you was a fanatic Nazi, when everyone in your neighborhood simply loved to howl at mass rallies.

But we are enlightened today, aren’t we? We are not Nazis or Communists or witch hunters. We are modern minded democrats.
I think that in the future people will think of us living here today as completely crazy. They will say about us that we almost managed to ruin the whole planet with our endless greed after more and more money and power?