Sunday, January 15, 2012

The kingdom of heaven is not inside of you

You’ve probably heard that the kingdom of heaven is inside of you. This is a mistranslation from ancient Greek, or a misunderstanding. There is no kingdom inside of you, and no king and no subjects.

You have a serious problem if you are looking for a kingdom inside of yourself, even if you use the word kingdom in a metaphorical sense.

The deeper you dig into yourself, the more self centered and fucked up you will become. I’m not kidding. You will not find anything down there or in there. I don’t understand why also spiritual teachers are going on and on about this. They have probably heard this claptrap from some prominent guru, and then they pass it on, like priests and preachers do, in good faith.

If all your attention is focused on the outside world, on career and politics or whatever, then you also have a problem. The kingdom of heaven cannot be found on the outside either.

So, where is this kingdom, you may ask, if it’s not on the inside, and not on the outside? Yes, where is it?

The kingdom of heaven, Shambala, Shangri La, Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon, where are those places?