Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Some people believe that they are saved and that they will go to heaven when they die; others believe that they will reincarnate. Some belong to destructive religious cults and follow mad cult leaders, like sheep who are followers of wolfs; others belong to fanatic political organizations.

Ordinary decent Germans became enthusiastic Nazis, noble and honorable English gentlemen became slave traders, and devout Christians in the American Southern States became merciless slave drivers. They believed that black people were animals that must be treated harshly.

Some believe that they are ugly and useless losers; others believe that they are wonderful top predators. Some believe that the meaning with life is to become rich; others believe that nothing is more important than to be slim. Some believe in the law of the jungle; others believe in equality and justice.

Is it possible to live one's life without being guided by beliefs? I don't think so.
It's very sad.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Spontaneous generation

All life on earth originates from one single cell that was formed more than three and a half billion years ago. This original cell divided itself and formed two cells. The two cells divided themselves and formed four cells,eight cells, sixteen cells, thirty two cells...

All life forms are really one huge organism, a super organism.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who are you, really?

One part of your mind wants to give up smoking,
another part wants to relax and have a cigarette.

One part of your mind despises envy,
another part feels clearly the bitterness.

One part of your mind is very serious and has high morale,
another part is frivolous and immoral.

One part of your mind is crystal clear and awake,
another part is like a hypnotized sleepwalker.

There are also genuinely friendly and unselfish parts of your mind,
and self-righteous parts, egotistical parts and ridiculous parts;
and parts that you don't know of,
until specific situations are showing them to you,
heroic parts, evil parts, idiotic parts...

Moreover, one part of your mind is able to notice and observe the other parts.

Your mind is a mixture, but who are you,
the observer that has a mind that is made up of many different parts?
Is the observer also a part of your mind?
I believe it is.
I believe that I am a part of the mental processes,
the electrochemical processes in my head.

It is possible to step outside oneself
and observe oneself, the question is if this is an illusion.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Mind

Trillions of single cell organisms, interconnected and working together like an extremely complicated ant community, create your mysterious being. Your eyes, your ears and your nose are pure magic, even your feet, and, of course, your brain. Billions of brain cells are interconnected in a miraculously intricate way. Somehow, they are creating your mysterious mind.

However, your mysterious mind does not usually experience mystery and wonder. It is mostly occupied with everyday matters, making plans, babbling, creating explanations, rationalizations and justifications; watching stupid stuff on TV, surfing the internet... Very little of its time is spent on wonder.
Why is the mind so overly concerned about unimportant things?

Why have billions of years of evolution selected for rubbish and nonsense?