Sunday, March 26, 2017


You will not find anything of value
if you make a visit to the underworld, just junk
like in a damp basement of an abandoned house
moldy clothes and old newspapers
broken shoes, rats nests and spiders.
There is no river down there
and no ferryman.

Nevertheless, some people settle there.
How is that possible?

They've not climbed down there out of curiosity
they've ended up there
and then they've somehow got the idea 
that it is there where they belong.
Isn't it strange?

(There is something within some people
that lure them down into darkness and misery
and there is something that lure them back to everyday life.)

You can´t recommend anyone to go down there
to see for themselves
because there is nothing there to see, or find
even though those who have never been there
clearly lack something
like chattering celebrities in TV shows.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Christian right

George W Bush was born again in 1985.  God told him to go to war against Iraq when he became president. More than 600 000 people died in this war.

The Christian right gave its full support to the American terror bombings in Vietnam. More than 2 million people died.

A priest blessed the crew who dropped the atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He later woke up and said: “I never preached a single sermon against killing civilians to the men who were doing it. I was brainwashed! It never entered my mind to protest publicly the consequences of these massive air raids. I was told it was necessary—told openly by the military and told implicitly by my church’s leadership. (To the best of my knowledge no American cardinals or bishops were opposing these mass air raids. Silence in such matters is a stamp of approval.)”

The Christian right in the United States supports Donald Trump. They want to invest even more money on rearmament and more efficient nuclear arms. They want to prepare for the final battle at Armageddon.

They are also opposed to contraception and abortion; they say yes to life. They are filled with eagerness and disseminate the message of love across the world.

Friday, March 10, 2017


More than 99.9% of the world is simply empty space, emptiness between the electrons and the nucleus of the atom. Most modern people know this, it's basic. Behind the veil of Maya there is nothing.

The world is an illusion. Without life forms with big brains 
there wouldn't be any reality, practically.

There wouldn't be any bad weather or lovely weather, no funny cloud formations, no chirping sparrows, no noisy neighbors with power tools, no nothing.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Some people call themselves Christians, they even go to church on sundays, but they don't turn the other cheek and they lay up treasures for themselves in tax havens.

Others pretend that they are optimistic about the future of mankind.

Dishonest people can denounce dishonesty and hypocrites can critizise hypocrisy.

I lie everyday. However, sometimes I don't. I believe that all people are tricksters that occasionally tell the truth.

How do you find out if someone is sincere? What method do you use? And how do you find out if you're lying to yourself?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Religious fanatics have taken over the world

Christian fanatics are politically very influential in the US. 

Islamic fanatics in Saudi Arabia and Iran have turned the Middle East and parts of Africa to an inferno. (Syria, Irak, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, northern Nigeria, Somalia...)

Jewish fanatics are occupying parts of the West Bank. Their plan is to create 'Greater Israel', their promised land, which extends all the way to Iraq.

Christian fanatics in the US support the Jewish fanatics because they believe that Jesus will return when the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt.

George W Bush is a christian fanatic. It was God who told him to violate international law and start the Iraq War. Also many high ranking officers in the US Army are christian, right-wing fanatics.

The christian fanatics voted for Trump. His vice president Mike Pence is a christian right-wing fanatic.

Religious extremist wackos have taken the whole world hostage.

Mainstream folks are holding their breath.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The future

There is one future scenario that is overlooked by social scientists and political philosophers: that humanity will perish.

Sooner or later will some power crazy wacko "press the button". If we don't drown in our own waste first. We struggle frantically to destroy this planet.

All previous civilizations have disappeared and I believe that this global civilization will be the last. Humanity will disappear. All species are dying out in the evolution. Some other lifeform will take over, flies, perhaps, or cockroaches. They have high resistance to radioactive radiation.

This is indeed a dark view of the future but it's not an unlikely view, not at all.

Can you see any light from anywhere? Yes, small groups of people are protesting here and there but they have no political power. Those who have the power are not interested in solving social or environmental problems. They don't want to end the wars. They thrive from war and arms sales.

But they give beautiful speeches and the masses admire them.There is no hope for humankind. The only way to cope is to seek refuge in La La Land.