Friday, February 22, 2013

One is crazier than the other

Are you possessed by an evil spirit, a lazy spirit or a stupid spirit? There are so many spirits that can take over you, right-wing spirits, left-wing spirits, all kinds of religious spirits, spirituality spirits, fundamentalist spirits...

Don't tell me that you are not possessed. We are all possessed,

Some are convinced that they are superior, others are convinced that they are inferior. Both types are possessed by the conviction that some are inferior and that some are superior. What idiocy! We will all be dead soon. How many more years do you have? What do you think? 25 years? 35 years? Where is your superiority or inferiority then?

So, what can we do? I have arrived at this: Seize every opportunity to have some fun and harm other beings as little as possible. Use your thinking mind, to the top of your ability, to question the spirit that has taken over you, use a meditation technique of your liking to loosen up your ingrained beliefs, and then gradually replace the troublesome spirit with more useful strategies. It is difficult and it may take time, but it is a feasible way. It is in a way like giving up smoking or drinking.

It's possible to give up smoking. It's possible to give up drinking. It's even possible to give up heroin and the pursuit of money and power. It's possible to find peace and harmony at times.

No-mind is a pointless concept. It is not helpful to bring about change. However, there are deeper levels of your mind. This level is not the only level. Selfless friendliness do exist as well as synchronicities.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christianity, power and The New Testament

The stories of Jesus have always been appealing to those who are hungry for power and gold. Kings, tyrants, colonizers, slave traders, exploiters and fascists have all found encouragement in the Bible. Isn't this strange? How come that these kinds of people became so interested in the New Testament? They must have found something there that was very attractive, the question is what.

And the churches, Catholic and Protestant, why did they align themselves with these crooks? The Catholic Church endorsed the slave trade. How could the Jesuits in Senegal justify that children were separated from their parents and sold like cattle? How were they thinking? The Catholic Church supported the fascists in Spain? The Pentecostals endorsed the American terror bombings in Vietnam? A priest blessed the Hiroshima bomb. How do you explain all this?  

“In spite of a stronger condemnation of unjust types of slavery by Pope Gregory XVI in his bull In Supremo Apostolatus issued in 1839, some American bishops continued to support slave-holding interests until the abolition of slavery. In 1866 The Holy Office of Pope Pius IX affirmed that, subject to conditions, it was not against divine law for a slave to be sold, bought or exchanged.”

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The inner voices

-It's only hundred fifty seven years ago since Darwin hit the final nail in God's coffin. Most people have not yet realized this fact. The church's role has declined dramatically since those days, yes, but people in general cannot accept the idea that life has no particular meaning or purpose. Not even here in Europe are people willing to drop their beliefs in a life after death. We can't just live and die like animals, like rats. Something wonderful must exist behind all this madness.

-What is more important to you, peace or truth?

-I prefer truth.

-And how will you find the truth, by reading books?

-How do you find the truth?

-I'm not looking for the truth. I'm looking for peace of mind.

-Where do you find peace of mind, in self-deception or marijuana?

-For me are depressing ideas self-deceptions, and ideas that make me feel happy and serene are truths. You can call my ideas self-deceptions and I can call your ideas depressing, but none of us can prove that the other is wrong. Therefore I choose the ideas that make me feel good?

-So, you are a relativist?

-I don't know what I am. You can call me relativist if that makes you happy.

-Many people in Germany became exuberant happy when Hitler came to power.

-I'm not a Nazi

-No, but you're asleep, spiritually, like the Nazis. People in a trance are dangerous.

-What an idiot you are. Even the Catholic Church accept Darwin's ideas about the evolution, but they think that there is a God behind it all. The process of evolution is planned and actively guided by God, they say. They have created their theory and the Hindus have other theories. There are thousands and thousands of different theories. Feel free to invent your own explanation. If your explanation makes you feel good or bad, is the litmus test.

-The idea that God actively controls our lives is truly frightening, isn't it. It must be an evil God who lets small children suffer and die in dreadful diseases. What kind of father is that?

-So, find a better explanation.