Friday, February 22, 2013

One is crazier than the other

Are you possessed by an evil spirit, a lazy spirit or a stupid spirit? There are so many spirits that can take over you, right-wing spirits, left-wing spirits, all kinds of religious spirits, spirituality spirits, fundamentalist spirits...

Don't tell me that you are not possessed. We are all possessed,

Some are convinced that they are superior, others are convinced that they are inferior. Both types are possessed by the conviction that some are inferior and that some are superior. What idiocy! We will all be dead soon. How many more years do you have? What do you think? 25 years? 35 years? Where is your superiority or inferiority then?

So, what can we do? I have arrived at this: Seize every opportunity to have some fun and harm other beings as little as possible. Use your thinking mind, to the top of your ability, to question the spirit that has taken over you, use a meditation technique of your liking to loosen up your ingrained beliefs, and then gradually replace the troublesome spirit with more useful strategies. It is difficult and it may take time, but it is a feasible way. It is in a way like giving up smoking or drinking.

It's possible to give up smoking. It's possible to give up drinking. It's even possible to give up heroin and the pursuit of money and power. It's possible to find peace and harmony at times.

No-mind is a pointless concept. It is not helpful to bring about change. However, there are deeper levels of your mind. This level is not the only level. Selfless friendliness do exist as well as synchronicities.

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