Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If I was a rightist and you where a leftist we would for sure have problems getting along; or if I was a born again Christian and you where an atheist, or…
Biologically we are all very close, almost like brothers and sisters; it is our ideas, beliefs and misunderstandings that separate us and bring about all the violence, wars and horrors.

Also, if I feel inferior to you, because you look so good and seem so smart, then we will have big problems in our communication; or if I feel superior to you, because you are nothing but a cleaner. I mean, I’m married to a rich man after all, and I’m slimmer. The color of my skin is so much better than yours, and I took piano lessons when I was young and I am radiating so much more optimism than you do. Of course I’m better than you.

We stuff our heads with so much stupidities and nonsense and then it is almost impossible to get rid of it, why is that? Why isn’t it until we have to face death, or own or someone near to us, that we can begin to question ourselves. Why are the idiocies so strong? Why is it so difficult to realize even simple things?

Also PhDs and professors can be completely deluded. Education doesn’t change a thing. Look what kind of experiments Dr. Mengele and his scientist friends did in Nazi Germany when they used human beings as guinea pigs. Look what they do in the huge arms industry, all the well-bred, well-groomed and optimistic little boys in men’s bodies.

There is no hope for mankind. Throw all the nonsense about positive thinking in the garbage bin. We will not wake up, though it is possible. Some people here and there might wake up to some extent but the vast majority will live on as they always have, as complete idiots.

So, how do you deal with thoughts like this? Which is your strategy? Do you ignore them, stuff them away somewhere in the back of your head or do you try to find some neat rationalization? Do you pour yourself a drink, turn on the TV set and get lost in some fantasy world, or do you try to find some strange religious belief system, a sect that can comfort you?

You can listen to a CD with hypnotic suggestions. That might work for some time. NLP, Loving Kindness meditation or prayers; cognitive psychology, depth psychology, rebirthing, there are hundreds of different methods on the market, maybe you can find a spiritual master, but whatever you do, you still have to face the fact that reality stinks.

What the hell can we do? Is there anything we can do?

If we dare to see the madness clearly, if we dare to take the bull by the horns, if we dare to see how fooled we are by our own thinking, the awakening might come by itself. What do you think?

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