Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thoughts are generated in the subconscious mind. They have their source in life strategies and core beliefs.

Core beliefs are something you get from early childhood conditioning. Life strategies and are strategies we develop later in life to try to cope in this world. We act from our life strategies. The thoughts are mostly justifications,rationalizations and explanations to our actions.

For example:
Core belief: Everything is meaningless. There is no hope, not for me, not for humanity.
Life strategy: Take whatever you can get now. Tomorrow is another day.
Thought: So and so is a jerk. Is that a way to live?

Core belief: A big, jealous and vengeful God watches over me.
Life strategy: I must always do as the priests tell me to do.
Thought: How I would like him to fuck me. Oh my Goodness!

However, there are “deeper” levels. Maybe synchronicities and clairvoyance are not not even psychological or physiological phenomenons. Mayne they are not made of mind stuff at all. They are mysterious, metaphysical phenomenon’s. To try to find scientific explanations to them is futile.

But there are even more deeper levels. I'm thinking of revelations and mystic experiences. On this level, words are completely useless.

The words, the thoughts and the concepts in the left brain hemisphere are good and useful tools, if they are used for what they are made to do, socializing, jokes, gossip, politics, science and plan makings, but to describe or discuss mystical experiences they wont do. It is like trying to repair a software problem in the computer with a hammer. It is wrong kind of tool.

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