Friday, December 23, 2011

Games people play

A nice and cheerful way is a perfect cover for an asshole in the secret. Some people are genuinely nice and cheerful, but some are only acting nice in order to hide their deep selfishness. They live as if life were a theater stage.

Some people play the nice and cheerful buddy because of fear. They believe that they must not feel what they feel. Others play this game because they have in mind to trick you. However, some people have no ulterior motives. They are simply nice and cheerful.

Many people are hiding in religious disguises. Many people tell untrue stories about paranormal phenomenons they have never experienced. All people tell lies now and then. Even scientists sometimes manipulate their test results in order to make them fit with their assumptions and preconceived ideas.

This is why it is meaningless to discuss paranormal phenomenons, spirituality and religious experiences. So many people are just bullshitting; some are more sincere, yes, but there is no good way to determine if a story or an explanation is trustworthy or not.

Science is the only useful tool we have to help us when we try to discuss what is going on in the world, but science deals only with the things that can be measured and weighed. Stories about exceptional experiences may be fun to hear but they must always be taken with a pinch of salt because of our unreliable nature. Your stories about strange coincidences or mysterious events cannot prove anything to anyone but yourself.

You can never prove that what you’re telling is true. You can tell your stories but you must expect that they may be disputed. You can tell cock-and-bull stories to others, it’s not that big deal, however, if you tell cock-and bull-stories to yourself, then you are in trouble.

To present a false face to others is one thing, but to present a false face to yourself is a serious issue.

It’s possible to hear, if you listen attentively, if you are trying to lie to yourself. It is also possible to hear, if you’re trying to tell the truth.

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