Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hardwired ideas

It's usually pointless to discuss life with a jehovah's witness, or a mormon, or a salafist muslim. They already have it all figured out. They know it all. They are deaf to what you are saying. The same goes for Donald Trump supporters, neoliberals, hard line socialists, materialists, idealists, nihilists, go getters...

It's very difficult to change ideas, beliefs and opinions. We are very reluctant to change our ways. We get hardwired. We get stuck in ruts.

It's very difficult to change the mind - but it is possible. Sometimes religious people leave their religious cult and sometimes people even change their political views. Alcoholics can stop drinking and some careerists can suddenly leave the rat race. Strangely enough, after a big change, it seems just natural.

The process often begins with feelings of unease, doubt and questioning. Which implies that unease and doubt sometimes are useful and wholesome, and should not be treated as symptoms of something that is wrong and should be medicated. And a questioning mind can sometimes be very helpful.

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