Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What is a question and what is it made of?

What is the mind? What is it made of and where is it located?

You can't open up the skull of someone and find the mind in there somewhere.
Nor can you find the soul, the psyche, the ego or the true self.

The mind is not a thing. Water is not a thing either, but the mind is not like water. The mind is not like a river or a streem. Nor is the mind like air. Water and air consist of something.

The brain is not like a book, the mind is not like the text and the soul is not the gist of it. The mind is constantly changing. A book doesn't change from one day to the next.

The mind is not like a reflection in a pond. A reflection does not exist unless someone is there who notice it.

The mind is not like a magnetic field. A magnetic field can not influence it's own magnetic field. Maybe the mind is like a number of magnetic fields that are affecting each other. Who knows!

The truth is that no one knows what the mind is. There are many hypotheses and many suggestions on definitions, but there is no consensus. Maybe the mind consists of something but no one knows of what it consists of.

Why do you read this? What is reading this?
Why did it come here?

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