Monday, December 16, 2013

Self deception

Imagine a selfish and false old man.
His falsity began to grow in his teens, because it paid off well
and he made his career in politics.
He devoted his life to promote right-wing views,
competition, tax cuts for the rich
and restrictions on public expenditures on the poor.
He had a trusting image and a winning smile.

Now he sits in a wheelchair, in a nursing home, staring out a window.
A faint odor of urine surrounds him.
Of course he regrets a few mistakes, but on the whole, he is proud of himself.
He has done his bit for freedom and democracy.

His children wish that he would die soon.
They make courtesy visits and say nice and polite phrases to him.
When he eventually passes away,
there will be an obituary filled with bullshit in the local newspaper,
the priest will say nice things at the funeral
and the loved ones can finally relax.

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