Saturday, December 14, 2013

We need our shells

Hermit crabs are not protected by their own shells.
They generally use abandoned shells of sea snails as armor
but they may also use other suitable containers.
So, when a hermit crab outgrows his shell,
he must seek another larger shelter.

I once saw a small plastic jar walking about in the Philippines.
It was a hermit crab and I came to think of religions,
worldviews and ideologies, as kinds of protective shells.

Therefore, in your life, when your religious beliefs, your political opinions
or your worldview begins to feel restrictive and tight,
then you have to do something.
Then you have to start searching again.


I look at it in this way:
Religions, worldviews and ideologies are important
because they give us a group affiliation.
We need a group to belong to.
We're pack animals, after all.
We can't fend for ourselves.
It's difficult to change worldview, it's difficult to change identity,
but it's possible, nowadays.
A cult member can leave his cult and become a careerist,
an alcoholic can stop drinking and start running,
an atheist can suddenly be saved...


I believe that it is possible to drop all religions and ideologies.
You don't have to become an atheist or a nihilist.
You don't have to become anything.
It's not necessary any longer.
You don't have to follow this or that spiritual teacher.
You don't have to belong to any particular group.
Many people can afford to be just humans, nowadays.
We belong to a big group.


Well, those who belong to a group,
those who are possessed by a religious faith or a political ideology
neoliberals, political Islamists, careerists or whatever,
they are always so much stronger.
They will forever be the rulers on the this planet.

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