Thursday, December 19, 2013


Delusions, misapprehensions and crazy ideas,
can make you very, very ill.

Depression, the powers of Darkness,
leaden beliefs that drag you and your family
deeper and deeper down,
to a totally meaningless and dirty dungeon,
religious fantasy worlds, superstition,
suicide bombs, exorcism and fear of imagined Gods,
ethnic cleansing, hallelujah, praise the Lord.
political fanaticism,
Nazism, racism, neoliberalism,
surrendering to the God of Money,
the God of Madness or the God of Destruction,
alcoholism, wet pants, endless lies,
idiotic smiles and imaginary elegance,
anger, whiny self pity, excuses, selfishness ...

Delusions can take so many different forms.
The only important question is:
Is it possible to wake up?

Is it possible to give up drinking?
Is it possible to give up political beliefs?
Is it possible to leave religious cults?
Is it possible to stop feeling sorry for oneself?

What do you think?

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