Friday, February 5, 2010

The truth

The truth shall not set you free.
It is better, much more practical and warmer
with a pinch of self-deception,
an identity, a salary and a family,
two kids, TV nights,
Eurovision Song Contest, ice cream.

Go home.
Find yourself a wife and a family.
Don’t be stupid.
You won’t find anything but cold winds out here.

Don’t get upset if your friends are interested in astrology.
Don’t get upset if they find comfort in simplified
religious ideas and superstition.
Don’t get upset if they have a right wing bent
without knowing why.
Human beings are cut out this way
superficial, misunderstanding things easily
and mistaking misunderstandings for the truth of the matter.

You’re like a pig that disdains pigs
dreaming about being a bird.


Doreen said...

The mind has dominated the sexual organs of men for thousands of years. In essence, no sexual activity between a man and a woman has ever involved true love, as long as the mind has been in charge. Therefore sex between a man and a woman has been, basically, rape. So what is the difference, if You sanction it or not? A woman can never fuck a man.

Doreen said...

have these thoughts ever crossed Your mind?

Doreen said...
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? said...

You are saying that all men are rapists.
I don't agree with you.

Doreen said...

Yes, unconsciously they are. It is not their fault. It is completely unconscious.. only in waking up, can they make a true choice. Otherwise they are only thinking of pleasure. Their bodies/minds take over in sexuality. It is not about sharing, unless two people are conscious and present to each other. In that case, sex is transmuted to sacred sexuality. Which may not include actual "sex" at all.

Up until now, or until awakening humans are under the influence of the mind made concepts and biology. Nothing experienced is truth, without awakening. Nothing. People get glimpses.

Doreen said...

This is the truth that sets us free. The freedom that resides in our hearts, is there already. It has to be realized.

Doreen said...

It makes perfect sense. Once You realize it.