Sunday, February 7, 2010

Change is possible

It is possible to give up tobacco. It is possible to give up alcohol. It is possible to change. Many alcoholics have managed to stop drinking. Many hard-core nicotine addicts have managed to beat the habit. Even millions of junkies have been able to stop using drugs. They had to walk through hell, but they survived and came out on the other side.

Some people refuse to listen. Some people believe that change is impossible. They give up and surrender to the way things are. Some people believe that change might be possible and try to do something. Some people believe that change can only happen by itself, by luck, like winning a million on a lottery ticket. Could it be that all of them are right? Is it not so that what we believe in our hearts influence our conscious decisions?

Is it not so that beliefs are extremely important in spite of the fact that they are illusory?

So, isn't the question how to change our useless beliefs?


Doreen said...

"Some people believe that change is impossible. They give up and surrender to the way things are."

A couple observations here:
first, earlier in Your post You use the word "refuse"...that implies that a person has a conscious choice in order to "refuse"... No one has that awareness if they are spiritually unconscious.

Secondly in the phrase I copied above here. This is not a true surrender. Surrender happens, without thought... and combined with that there is no "give up"...truly. The true sense of what "surrender" means in the spiritual sense or awakened sense is that a person allows what is, to be...because a person cannot argue with what already exists. Change cannot occur, ever, only thoughts about something are dropped automatically... and in that, the person is changed. No more suffering, no more creating suffering for others. The mind does not know how to this. In awakening the mind is suddenly or gradually relinquished. It loses its illusory power over oneself...and the assumption that is has power over other people. It beautifully becomes non-existent.
What I like to call the heartmind or Heart...functions beautifully, effectively, creatively without the mind. This is where evolution is playing the roll; Life is moving through Us, not *by* Us.

? said...

I believe that what we believe is what we get.

I use the word surrender in a more general way. I give up. I smoke to much and I drink to much. I cough my loungs out every morning but I don't care. This is the way I am. I can't stop smoking. I tried once but I gave up after three hours.

Doreen said...

You smoke?

Doreen said...

Yes, some can see that a belief is just thoughts. Nothing real. Just an idea about who one "believes" one is. Of course, a person can live with this illusion...
as most do. And any moment, they have the possibility for realizing the truth of who they are.

? said...

No, I stopped smoking years ago, as you know.