Friday, February 5, 2010

Boys with brains

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Joseph Mengele

Baboons and chimpanzees appall us.
What disgusting creatures!
And macaques, what good for nothings!
How different with us, humans.
We know how to behave ourselves.
We have intelligence and sophistication.
The other apes know nothing about ethics and moral.
They know nothing about religion.

I am sarcastic, yes of course.

Imagine a highly advanced civilization in outer space
who is observing us trough powerful telescopes.
Suppose they saw the First World War.
Suppose they saw the Second World War.

Suppose they saw the medical experiments
Joseph Mengele and his colleges did on humans.
These guys had brains.
They had passed the tests
and achieved degrees in medicine.

Suppose they saw the atom bomb over Hiroshima.
Suppose they saw the priest who blessed the bomb.
Suppose they saw the terror bombings of civilians in Vietnam.

Suppose they saw the slave trade,
the witch hunts, the inquisition trials...

What conclusion do you think they would arrive at?


Doreen said...

No matter how long, hard, intelligently You think about it. The thinking mind won't give You an answer.

Doreen said...

You must have noticed by now, that the vast majority of the perpetrators are men. I wonder if anyone has ever considered this fact?