Monday, May 25, 2009

Answer to Doreen’s comment:

I don’t resist evolution with all my might. Where did you get that from? I don’t resist change. I can be very downhearted, sometimes, when I look at the world, how things actually are, our behavior here in this world. I know that it is not necessary to be completely caught up in nonsense, political nonsense, religious nonsense, philosophical nonsense, personal nonsense. It is possible to wake up from all this. And people do change. People do recover from alcoholism, drug addiction and criminality. Some people actually leave their religious or political sects. People do wake up from delusions. We are not baboons, after all. And this makes me even more down hearted. It is not necessary to be completely deluded.

I’m not unknowingly talking to you. I’m upset about the people who made the film “Slum Dog Millionaire” and don’t pay their main actors. They should pay the actors the same money they would have had to pay Hannah Montana or the kids in “High School Musical”. Now.

And I am upset about all the damn Hollywoodish nonsense spirituality we are drowning in. Are people not allowed to be upset about anything? To wake up, I think, is not to live in a state of permanent bliss, like a junkie right after a heroin injection. It is to cut the crap. To see how things really are. Life is so much more than horrors and stupidities. I know. A coin has two sides. Our planet is so beautiful. All the other planets we know of is nothing but rocks and dust and sand, with terrible climate conditions. How come so few seem to see this?


Doreen said...

I was not writing of 'you', as the person-entity called Arne.

It is interesting that one cannot tell another about these "ideas" until one is ready to "hear" them for oneself.

Doreen said...
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Doreen said...

I have to say, though, that I am not talking about living in a constant state of bliss. Yes, there is a balance but I definitely do not go into the extremes of polarities that I have experienced "before". Really, the state is as Eckhart talks about, an underlying peace is present in EVERY interaction, thought, action, non-action, etc. Chaos and anxiety no longer overlay my "life". But, we could re-define "bliss" in the context of the new earth versus the old; in that case this state I'm experiencing would be considered blissful.