Monday, May 25, 2009

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If you look at life, what do you see? Unbelievable sufferings, war, injustice, bigotry, hate? There is war in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan… Mafia wars, clan wars, religious wars; there is war everywhere. And some people are making a fortune selling the arms.

I read in the newspaper that the kids who acted in the film “Slum Dog Millionaire” are still living in the slum. The authorities took down the shack where Rubina was living because they are going to build a railway. She was crying. “Where are we going to live now?” she asked. It doesn’t matter that she had a main part in the film who brought in millions of dollars. What the hell, she is just a slum kid.

We have probably always been like this, idiotic, narrow minded and violent. This is the reality of things. How can we wake up from this nightmare? Maybe we can’t. Maybe idiocy is our true nature, in our blood, like in the baboons.

To love what is, is a concept for the rich. With therapy, meditation and retreats they have a chance to experience that state of mind, for some time before they eventually end up in a cancer ward.


Marite said...

Lately, I observe, I acknowledge, shake my head and say to mySelf: "Welcome to planet Earth!"

Because trying to solve it, is almost like pouring water in a bottomless pit.

Doreen said...

If you resist evolution with all your might, you resist change. Therefore you will be in this 'hell on earth' while you are living here. And you include all others in that suffering without the possibility for change through evolution.

One does not "get" "loving what is" with the mind! You cannot wage war on those who are fast asleep. Many humans have tried over and over again to change peoples' minds. It doesn't work! "Loving what is" is NOT PASSIVE! It uses the True Peace which is saying: I know that the world is mad; that the egoic mind is sick...How could it be viewed in any rational manner? Do you, actually, think that you are the only one who sees the illness of injustice in the world? Do you think it better that I go back to sleep and remain in servitude to the system and others? If you truly "believe" that others are aware of what they are doing or can change their minds at will; then why are you not "helping" them to do that?

In other ways, the "rich" person has less chance for 'waking up'. To me they are, also, the unfortunate ones. A poverty of spirit. Maybe they lose everything, a child or two. You cannot determine what their "fate" will be. I have not read Joan Tollifson, maybe you are "right". Yes, "right makes might". So far, I see "no point" in condemning her for whatever "life" she lived. It is like saying that I made a mistake to marry my husband, as if I knew it was a "mistake" when I did it. If she was on this spiritual search in an intentional 'mind'-way she still would not have been aware of the nature of that search. Did you not tell me that she does not have a hand?

In the same way that I cannot say anything about Joan Tollifson, definatively. You cannot use the phrase: "loving what is" unless you have read the book. The way in which you refer to it is not its True meaning.

Doreen said...

If I still "took" things 'personally' my ego self would be offended. Because, I am Seeing, exactly, what Tolle, Byron Katie, and Joan Tollifson are saying.

Doreen said...

Unknowingly, you are talking directly about me. You are complaining about people like me, who has done some of these things in my life "like the rich".

Am I not rich, in material things, 100 times over compared to Rubina? Why do you make more money then the woman who cleans hotel rooms? Why does anyone have to make money, at all. Why should we have this system to begin with? Is it "fair" that a lawyer can make so much money because he could afford to get the education? If a child is born into a rich family should they be condemned as the child who is born into poverty?

We have to start somewhere. Is not this "beginning" a place to be? This "waking up to reality" to See these things. Before, you looked for answers to "How could the Nazis exist?" There is an explanation:

Now we can See the madness and illness of the mind in Everyone! The collective egoic mind is 100 times worse! This is not a "rational" explanation. This is stating a fact. There is no rationality in it but it makes perfect sense.

We have excluded the Heart in everything we do in this egoic world. Each heart comes on-line to this in Its own "timing". It is the same as talking about the integration of left brain with right brain. A better way to put it is the Heart and Mind are integrating. I'm not sure, but it doesn't really matter... I don't think the right comes together with the left unless the Heart is there too.