Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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I have changed my mind completely about Joan Tollifson and her book” Awake in the Heartland”. It is actually a very interesting book. She tells about all her weaknesses, shortcomings and limitations. This is not common among spiritual teachers. In fact, this must be the first “spiritual” book I have ever read where the author seems to be a little neurotic and completely unfantastic. And she has many interesting thoughts. Here is another quotation from “Awake in the Heartland”:

“We visualize what can never actually exist: a one-sided coin, up triumphing permanently over down. But that is not how it works. Up cannot exist without down. They are always in perfect balance. Neither one really exists.
Perfection never exists the way we imagine in the mind. The only true perfection is exactly what is here right now…
From our human perspective, it would be a terrible thing if there was a global nuclear war that wiped out all the life forms on earth. But from the perspective of the totality, it might just be a tiny event, clearing the way for something new to emerge. From the point of view of the dinosaur, their extinction would seem like a dreadful mistake… From the perspective of the universe, the disorder is all part of the larger order, in which there is space for all possibilities and mistakes, for play. There is room for everything in this dream, even the horror.”

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Diane Meier said...

Thanks for posting this excerpt from the book. It's made me want to get it and read it. I totally "get" what the author is saying. I'm adding this to my "must read" list!