Saturday, February 14, 2009

The head is endlessly producing explanations. This is not a problem. The problems appear when you believe in the explanations. If you, for example, truly believe that you are a complete idiot or a looser, you will feel depressed. It is also a problem if you believe that you are superior or wonderful, or realistic or whatever your head is going on about. The more you are caught up in an explanation the stronger you hold on to a story the more problems you will create and the more disconnected you will be to what is going on here and now.

"I have no willpower. I am ugly. I am stupid. Life has no meaning. My noose is too big. I am such a jerk." How do I get rid of all those ideas?

"She is so selfish. They are so smart. They are so dense. I belong to a superior race. Life is unjust. There is no other meaning to life but getting rich. Poor people are poor because they are stupid. Poor people have no class. We live and we die for no reason at all."

All beliefs are wrong. A thousand years ago many people believed that the earth was flat. Three hundred fifty years ago people believed in witches. Three hundred fifty years from now people will think that we were deeply deluded.

All beliefs are wrong, all religious beliefs, scientific beliefs, philosophical explanations, conclusions, deductions and theories. Fifty years from now also the most well documented scientific evidences will be replaced by new evidences.

"Near death experiences are but hallucinations due to lack of oxygen. There are many universes out there. There is only one universe. Beliefs are so strong. They can’t be changed." Also this is beliefs and all beliefs are wrong. There is such tremendous and liberating power in this idea. Do not trust your own explanations. See them for what they are, just words. We don't have anything to hold on to, but fantasies.

This is not nihilism. Nihilists are extremely pessimistic. They are caught up in extremely pessimistic explanations. This is not relativism. Relativists are also so obsessed with their philosophy that they miss out the present moment completely.

All beliefs are wrong. Isn't also this belief wrong? Of course it is. All beliefs are wrong. Be what you are, here and now, without getting too caught up in speculations about it.

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